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Wapato public works director, police chief, fired

In one of his first acts as Mayor of Wapato, Juan Orozco fired the police chief and public works director.

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Faithful line up for ‘The Last Jedi’

They started to line up at 3 p.m. in freezing temperatures

Star Wars fans started lining up four hours before the 7 p.m. opening of The Last Jedi at Grand Cinemas Yakima Valley last night.

New Eye Center site coming

The Port of Sunnyside’s sale of 1.2 acres of land at Golob Landing should mean improved access to medical and legal services. Port Executive Director Jay Hester announced that The Eye Center of Yakima has purchased the property for two new professional buildings.

Toppenish City Council raises water, wastewater fees

The City Council raised water rates by 5 percent during its meeting Monday night. City Manager Lance Hoyt said the increase was necessary to help pay the next upgrade to the water system.

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Vets commemorate Pearl Harbor Day

It was biting cold yesterday at Jerry Taylor Veterans Plaza, but the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts didn’t shy away from commemorating Pearl Harbor Day, which is celebrated on Dec. 7, the date in 1941 when the Pearl Harbor attack occurred.

Making sense of a football play?

Okay, all you football fans who think Russell Wilson threw an illegal forward pass on a lateral flip during the game with Philly, it was a legal lateral, even a backward pitch. What made it appear the ball went forward is a phenomenon called a Galilean Transformation.

Hirst decision will have effect across county

Rural residents to pay for water just like city folk

Yakima County will make a major change regarding wells drilled after Jan. 1 because of the 2016 Hirst water rights decision by the Washington State Supreme Court.

Honeyford bill ends wrongful use of funds

Says agencies can’t hire with capital funds

State Senator Jim Honeyford of Sunnyside believes some state agencies have been using capital projects funds to beef up their office personnel.

Marquez the suspect in six robberies

Detectives putting puzzle pieces together

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Detective Sgt. Mike Russell said yesterday that Moises Marquez is now a suspect in six robberies.

Women arrested for check forgery

Two women were arrested in Toppenish November 16 for check fraud, committed at the Blue Sky Market.

Wapato mayoral tally changes

County election officials declare Orozco winner

After an amazing turnaround of the voting trend Tuesday, the Yakima County Elections Office declared Juan Orozco the winner of the mayor’s chair in this community.

New sex could be ‘X’

If you’re tired of being male or female, you may have a third choice after a hearing this afternoon.

Spartan honored after his death

Brycene Neaman, a star athlete during his years as a Spartan and an ardent fan the rest of his life, was honored with a memorial ceremony before Granger’s first home basketball game last week.

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Suspected bank robber nabbed

High-speed chase ends when trooper rams vehicle

A man suspected of robbing the U.S. Bank branch here yesterday morning, made his get-away in a car, but it lasted only as far as Sunnyside.

Toppenish man’s machete leads to arrest

Meth found on Pacheco following arrest

On patrol a little after 2 a.m. Dec. 2, policeman Casey Briggs noticed what appeared to be a large-bladed weapon between a man’s legs and the frame of the bicycle he was riding.

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Lighted parade tops weekend

Thousands enjoy Christmas activities despite weather

If you are one who loves the Christmas season and weren’t at the 29th Lighted Farm Implement Parade Saturday, then you missed a spectacular kickoff.

I’m excited for Sunnyside’s parade

A niece in Pasco named Devrie has been rallying cousins to join together in Sunnyside on Saturday evening to enjoy the 29th edition of the original Lighted Farm Implement Parade.

Lower valley turns down marijuana

A study of the final general election results posted Nov. 28 by the Yakima County Elections Department shows only two lower valley locations where voters favored the unleashing of retail marijuana.

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Deputy Mayor kicks off season

Deputy Mayor Dean Broersma kicked of the Christmas season last night at Centennial Square with about 200 hearty citizens. As the community Christmas Tree lights came on, Broersma declared: “It’s officially Christmas season.”

U.S. marshals nab wanted Wapato man in Arizona

One of two Wapato men, suspects in a shooting case, has been apprehended in Arizona.

Castaneda reconsiders, takes seat

Abandoned race, Mabton still chose her

Diana Castaneda was the winner of the Mabton City Council position 1 election, even though she dropped out of the race because of family medical reasons before the election.

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Myers Road Bridge opens with ribbon-cutting

Took two years, $13 million to open route to Toppenish

Bridges matter, if you ask dignitaries at yesterday’s opening of the new Zillah-Toppenish bridges on N. Myers Road.

Shortest courtship ever, maybe

Pat and I were watching Hallmark Christmas movies last week as we celebrated Thanksgiving.

Drugs found on stolen goods search

On a search for stolen property Sunday, police officers ran into drugs and drug paraphernalia. After securing an amended warrant, the officers continued the search and arrested two people.

Council cut short by technology

“Technology is going to do what technology is going to do,” Deputy Mayor Dean Broersma said after Monday night’s City Council meeting.

Man refuses to surrender, gets arrested

Buxton found hiding in attic of house

In an incident that, from a distance looked like a standoff, a resident was arrested for violating a domestic violence court order for protection.

Man arrested after threatening girlfriend

A local man made his first appearance in Yakima County Superior Court yesterday after his Nov. 22 arrest on harassment charges.

Sunnyside School district plans facilities forum

Superintendent Kevin McKay and his administrative staff have asked for community input into the district’s facilities needs.

Teen murder plot foiled by bystanders

Three planned off-campus attack by Ki-Be

A Kiona-Benton High School student is facing criminal charges after allegedly orchestrating a conspiracy to kill a new student Nov. 15.

Two assailants wanted for robbery, assault

Sheriff’s Office seeking assistance from the public

A law enforcement agency is asking for the public’s assistance in finding two men who robbed and sexually assaulted a 45-year-old man near here Friday.

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Trains galore at Toy Train Christmas

Train museum offers a ride to the North Pole

Railroad enthusiasts and model and toy train fans rarely get their fill of either, but the Northern Pacific Railroad Museum here could satisfy a lot of that hunger.

Newhouse: Family could pay $0 tax on $52,000

Republican tax plan a boon for rural residents

A family of four with an income of $52,000 per year could get away without paying income tax under a plan offered by Republicans.

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She’s thankful for Mom’s cooking

Army specialist comes home for holiday

More than anything else, U.S. Army Specialist Yzyda Montes is simply thankful to be home for Thanksgiving.

Thankful for living in America

Many are the things people say they are thankful every year as they sit for their Thanksgiving meal.

Ribbon-cutting today for campus

Yakima Valley College recently completed major changes to the Grandview Campus, and now it’s time to celebrate.

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Drive-through coffee anyone?

Police can be nice and do their jobs

“Good Rainy Monday Morning Prosser!” the police department’s website post said yesterday.

Tough night on patrol

Three let go by troopers but arrested later

Anyone can have a tough day, or night, even a Washington State Patrol trooper.

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Turkey time

Van de Graafs are ahead of the curve

So you got a jump on Thanksgiving with a turkey from the boss or the store last week. The Willie Van de Graaf family has you beat by months.

Mayor Clark totally retired after loss

Plans to focus attention on family matters

It seems that Gary Clark was always on the go. The man this city knew as The Mayor for almost 40 was also a hard-working, successful businessman.

Shooting suspects in court

Police respond with quick action, arrests

Three of the four men arrested in Toppenish after a drive-by shooting Monday night, made their first appearance in Yakima County Superior on Court Wednesday.

Small wineries exempt from new DOE rules

State finalizing first regulations for wineries

Some winemakers in Washington will soon be dealing with new rules of production under development by the Dept. of Ecology.

Council member chides police

Didn’t like how they handled homeless lady

An incident near The Daily Sun newspaper offices last Thursday has led to questions about code enforcement.

Business license reminders early, but due date the same

State takingover licensing

Sunnyside has become part of the state’s master business licensing service. The state has an earlier reminder schedule, but the due date remains the same, Dec. 31.

Which is it? Coincidence or fate?

After half a day on the search for our grandfather’s grave in New Mexico, sister Fran, brother Bob and his wife Vicki, and sister Jen and her husband Tom were frustrated and hungry.

Council tables police request for new tasers

Members question why department needs 40

The Police Department’s request for 40 new tasers was sailing through the scrutiny of the City Council Monday evening until someone asked; Why 40? The resulting discussion made some council members uneasy, and they voted to table the request until the Nov. 27 regular meeting.

Budget tops $30 million

City plans to spend a little less than 2017

The final 2018 city budget adopted by the City Council Monday evening has more than $30 million in spending.

Mexican national arrested for firearm possession

Done in by speeding, failing to signal

Speeding down a country road, a man illegally in the country brought attention to himself and ended up in jail, charged with alien in possession of a firearm.

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Granger students learn about unique genetic testing for fish

Fishery group wanted to share with kids

Middle School students learned about a unique genetic test used to identify endangered native fish in the Yakima River last week during a field trip between Granger and Sunnyside.

Imbalance of power? Not so fast, Republicans say

Republicans can still block capital budget

The recent general election has changed the balance of power in state government — Democrats have taken complete control.

Dairy gives up milk fight

Voortmans shut down after battling state

With “heavy hearts,” Allen and Cheryl Voortman have written to all of their customers saying they will no longer market fresh raw milk.