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Faithful line up for ‘The Last Jedi’

They started to line up at 3 p.m. in freezing temperatures

Star Wars fans started lining up four hours before the 7 p.m. opening of The Last Jedi at Grand Cinemas Yakima Valley last night.

Wapato public works director, police chief, fired

In one of his first acts as Mayor of Wapato, Juan Orozco fired the police chief and public works director.

New Eye Center site coming

The Port of Sunnyside’s sale of 1.2 acres of land at Golob Landing should mean improved access to medical and legal services. Port Executive Director Jay Hester announced that The Eye Center of Yakima has purchased the property for two new professional buildings.

Toppenish City Council raises water, wastewater fees

The City Council raised water rates by 5 percent during its meeting Monday night. City Manager Lance Hoyt said the increase was necessary to help pay the next upgrade to the water system.

Making sense of a football play?

Okay, all you football fans who think Russell Wilson threw an illegal forward pass on a lateral flip during the game with Philly, it was a legal lateral, even a backward pitch. What made it appear the ball went forward is a phenomenon called a Galilean Transformation.

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Vets commemorate Pearl Harbor Day

It was biting cold yesterday at Jerry Taylor Veterans Plaza, but the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars posts didn’t shy away from commemorating Pearl Harbor Day, which is celebrated on Dec. 7, the date in 1941 when the Pearl Harbor attack occurred.

Hirst decision will have effect across county

Rural residents to pay for water just like city folk

Yakima County will make a major change regarding wells drilled after Jan. 1 because of the 2016 Hirst water rights decision by the Washington State Supreme Court.

Honeyford bill ends wrongful use of funds

Says agencies can’t hire with capital funds

State Senator Jim Honeyford of Sunnyside believes some state agencies have been using capital projects funds to beef up their office personnel.

Marquez the suspect in six robberies

Detectives putting puzzle pieces together

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Detective Sgt. Mike Russell said yesterday that Moises Marquez is now a suspect in six robberies.

Women arrested for check forgery

Two women were arrested in Toppenish November 16 for check fraud, committed at the Blue Sky Market.

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