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Yakima Valley firefighters lending aid on Okanagan fire lines

OMAK – Even as fire relief donations were coming into local fire stations destined for north central Washington wildfire victims, a team of eight Yakima County Fire District #5 volunteers are among the frontline firefighters manning the wildfire containment lines.

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One last ‘sleigh’ ride

The late Mary Henderson will take one last sleigh ride...uh, make that motorcycle ride with her beloved husband, the late Dinnie Henderson, this coming Saturday thanks to some special arrangements being made by their children.

Engineering a weekend getaway

Buddy is eager to take a vacation. Frankly, so am I.

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DSN carrier team takes pride with speed and reliability

Rene, Sylvia and Lydia Alvarez arrive early to pick up their daily packets of newspapers. They double check their bundles to make sure they have adequate copies for their combined paper routes before the siblings hit the streets to deliver the current edition of Sunnyside’s Daily Sun News.

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Sunny proposition suggested by Sunnyside Arts Commission

The sunflower is being recommended as the official flower for the city of Sunnyside.

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American fare to be served up at new restaurant

Sunnyside will have a new restaurant in a familiar location, perhaps as early as the end of August.

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Cactus Juice kitchen closing

For the past 24 years, Sunnyside’s Cactus Juice Café has been a place where friends have met for lunch. Along with the home-style food the clientele has also enjoyed friendly conversations with owner Gladys Graham and her daughter, Lori Alvarado.

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Auto parts salesman enjoys helping local mechanics

Michael Angel Grajeda still remembers working on cars with his uncle as a small child.

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Sunnyside Ace Hardware on the move

Sunnyside Ace Hardware owner Dennis Allen announced this week that the store will be moving closer to downtown Sunnyside by year’s end.

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Quaint country windmill brought back to life

Most times, mending various pieces of yard art only requires a little paint and a few nails.

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