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Mentor program seeks help

Underground launches youth program

If you only did one thing as a mentor — simply showing up would be enough.

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Anything serves as a container garden

Most anything that will hold dirt and water can be transformed into a container garden.

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The modest camper trailer makes a comeback

Once abandoned in favor of modern land yachts, the pudgy little camp trailer is making a comeback.

Extension program more than gardens

Most people think of the Washington State University Extension program as it relates to Master Gardener programs or youth organizations, such as 4-H.

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Pianist’s recital Saturday

Gardner leaving for mission trip in August

A recent Sunnyside High School graduate will present his senior piano recital at 5 p.m. Saturday.

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Sisters open local consignment shop

New business in Sunnyside Mini Mall

Divas have arrived at the Mini Mall, 214 S. Sixth St.

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Green signs mark the way

Sunnyside recycle bins at 409 S. Fourth St.

Signs are up, directing recyclers where to access the city’s recycling bins.

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Autumn Marquez | Miss Sunnyside Candidate

Known locally as the Marquez barn, the stately old hayloft, overlooking the valley, has been featured in tourism materials for the past 30 years.

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Pokémon Go craze comes to lower valley

Gaming world fad goes local

It’s a craze in the gaming world like the world has never seen.

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Israeli couple share aid

The family of Arab Christians living in Israel routinely travel to Sunnyside to raise money for an orphans aid foundation.

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