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Local family stars of reality TV show

Redwood Kings episode to air on Sept. 12

June 18 brought two new arrivals to the Brent and Erin Martin household on Sunnyside’s Scoon Road.

A return to order is needed

There’s Gangnam Style, then there’s Mabton style when it comes to running a city council meeting.

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Mabton clears the air

MABTON – One episode of the hit TV comedy Seinfeld focused on the fictional December holiday of Festivus.

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Governor delivers climate change message

Gov. Jay Inslee’s plane touched down at Sunnyside Municipal Airport Tuesday afternoon as part of a statewide tour to tout the effects of climate change.

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New budget, changing of guard for Grandview schools

Just in time for school to start this coming Thursday, the Grandview School Board Monday night approved the budget for the 2014-15 school year.

Grandview Port puts the development in community development

The Port of Grandview is living up to the Community Development Award it received from the Grandview Chamber of Commerce earlier this year.

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Not quite my type

How’s this sound?

Time for cops to cut ties with Raines

During the 2011 race for Sunnyside City Council the Sunnyside Police Guild for the first time decided to formally and publicly endorse a political candidate. They threw their support to Jason Raines, who was successful in his bid for city council.

Two Lower Valley firms dinged for missed reports

Fourteen businesses were fined last week for failing to submit stormwater monitoring reports for three or more consecutive quarters, says the state’s Department of Ecology.

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Screening for drugs at home

Sunnyside United mulls idea of providing parents with drug tests for their children

Members of the Sunnyside United coalition are considering an idea that would give a whole new meaning to the phrase “take home test.”

Sunnyside calling all high school freshmen

Cheerleaders, ice cream socials and building trust are all on the agenda for Sunnyside High School freshmen during the fifth annual Grizzly Academy planned for Monday, Aug. 18, through Thursday, Aug. 21.

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Not much support shown for suggested pay raise

MABTON – The people of Mabton have spoken, and they are not wild about the idea of giving their mayor a four-fold salary increase.

City’s public works department seeks to increase staffing by three positions

The Sunnyside Public Works Department wants to add three new employees to its payroll in 2015.

Summer projects on pace for SVID

From Sunnyside to Mabton and points in between, SVID crews are making progress on a host of upgrades in the district.

Common Core experience a big plus for new Sunnyside schools’ administrator

Swapping the school office for the business office, Idaho native Paulette Johnson is on board as the Sunnyside School District’s new director of teaching, learning and assessment.

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Pot sales still a no-go in Sunnyside

It’s about money. It’s about kids. It’s about personal rights.

Dairy purchases port property for $5 million

Barely on the market for a month, the Port of Sunnyside sold nearly 500 acres of its property holdings to Sunnyside Dairy LLC for $5 million.

Day takes heat on payroll issue

“The buck stops with you...the public won’t stand for it and I don’t believe your council will either.”

Public trust at issue in closed labor negotiations

Two Lower Valley lawmakers sit on a committee that will be consulted in the next few weeks by Gov. Jay Inslee.

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Pot store plans on hold

There’s faith in a higher power, then there’s faith in the government.

Uniformly uncertain

Occasionally in my 14 years of covering political races I’ve stumbled on an issue that I didn’t realize was an issue.

And then there were two

Didier, Newhouse move on to General Election

Voters in the Fourth Congressional District were plenty decisive last night in advancing Republicans Clint Didier and Dan Newhouse to the Nov. 4 General Election.

Winter, Keightley will square off for county sheriff’s job

Six candidates for Yakima County sheriff are now down to two, as last night Yakima County voters advanced Brian Winter and Jim Keightley to the November General Election.

Ross, Cawley advance in race for Yakima County auditor’s seat

Two upper valley mayors, one current and one former, will battle for Yakima County’s auditor seat on the Nov. 4 General Election ballot.

Yakima County clerk’s race a toss-up between three candidates

Too close to call is an understatement when it comes to the Primary Election contest for Yakima County clerk.

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Port close to selling property

Following an executive session with realtors Monday night, Port of Sunnyside commissioners appear close to selling off nearly 500 acres of the port district’s land holdings.

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Sunnyside...take counsel from other councils

I applaud the Sunnyside City Council for its concern and caution about causing a lawsuit for the city regarding its marijuana policy.

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‘Altitude’ on the grow

Recreational marijuana shop expands hours, product availability

A booming start three weeks ago continues for Altitude, the Lower Valley’s only recreational marijuana store.

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Grandview Port garners aid for business growth

Port of Grandview officials batted two-for-two last week in gaining a nod to fund projects through Yakima County’s Supporting Investments in Economic Development (SIED) program.

Failing schools letters will be sent to local parents

The state of Washington’s unsuccessful federal appeal means most Lower Valley schools will send letters to parents in the next few days announcing that the schools are failing to meet adequate yearly progress.

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Goin’ old school

Local team runner-up at slo-pitch tournament

For one day, a Lower Valley team of AARP qualifiers turned back the clock and qualified for the championship game Sunday at the Old School Senior Softball Tournament at Sunnyview Park.

F as in farewell

Nearly every day I proof-read and edit at least one obituary for the Daily Sun News.

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Momentum building for local fastpitch program

Efforts are underway in the Lower Valley to revive a summer fastpitch softball program on hiatus for the past few years.

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Lower Yakima Valley dairies moving forward on converting manure into renewable natural gas

Turning lemons into lemonade. That’s the essence of a program in the Outlook area pegged to turn cow manure into renewable natural gas.

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Sunnyside instructor ensures a good hair day ..... every day

Kristin Chester’s students are constant cut-ups.

My choice for sheriff

My name is John Fannin and I approve this column. With that said, here’s my take on the Yakima County sheriff’s primary race.

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Mabton program picking up STEAM

MABTON – You can learn a lot from pasta, marshmallows and pipe cleaners.

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2013-14 Miss Sunnyside Court begins farewell tour

From rubbing shoulders with community leaders to entertaining a class of pre-schoolers, the 2013-14 Miss Sunnyside Court has done it all.

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Sunnyside clerk points people where they need to go

Inez Mejia’s customers are driven.

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Last few days for Rohman Street

Within two weeks barricades and orange signs will announce the permanent closure of Rohman Street in Sunnyside.

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S’side High senior presents project at international GENIUS Olympiad

Lavender, dill, peppermint and chili peppers were part of a winning recipe for Sunnyside High senior Juan Casas.

Grizzlies earn win at E. Valley tournament

In its next-to-last game of the summer, the Sunnyside Grizzly 17U baseball team held on for a 7-5 victory over host East Valley last Saturday.

Gunnin’ for office

The Fourth District Congressional race has more guns than a Vegas body-building show.

Pay hike for mayor under consideration

“We’re the only city in the state of Washington that doesn’t have a public works director or city administrator,” Mabton Mayor Mario Martinez told the city council last night.

High demand in Prosser

Altitude draws a large crowd on opening day of recreational pot sales

PROSSER – For a day, anyway, Altitude has cornered the market on retail marijuana sales in the Yakima Valley.

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Port commission convenes meeting at construction site

A daily convoy of 110 to 130 truckloads of rocks and dirt to build the lagoon for the Port of Sunnyside’s new anaerobic digester is coming to a close.

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Sunnyside Port District lists nearly 500 acres for sale

Padelford, wetlands properties no longer needed

The Port of Sunnyside is in the real estate market, as last Friday commissioners agreed to put up for sale nearly 500 acres it owns in the Sunnyside area.

Grizzlies notch one victory at 4th of July Spokane tourney

Martin Gonzalez twirled a three-hitter to lead the Sunnyside Grizzly 17U summer baseball team to a 3-2 victory over Great Falls, Mont. during the 33rd annual Spokane Wood Bat Classic.

No charges filed against Fourth Congressional District candidate

Two charges Ephrata police requested against Fourth District Congressional candidate Gavin Seim will not be pursued.

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Grandview schools reach settlement on teacher contract

Rather than let a high school teacher go as originally planned, the Grandview School District will allow the teacher to stay on board for one more year as a substitute.