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Local second graders learn to ‘drop and roll’

“Do we ever go back into a burning house,” asked Sunnyside Fireman Tony Castillo. “No,” was the response from Carolyn Shifflett’s second grade class. The children paid close attention as Castillo and Sunnyside Fire Department Firedog “Dottie” taught the children simple safety procedures during Castillo’s exit drills in the EDITH House program held yesterday (Wednesday), at Washington Elementary School. Castillo has spent the past several days instructing the school’s second graders in fire exit drills and safety using the Yakima County EDITH House as a prop. “What do we do when we smell smoke,” he asked. “Drop to the floor and get out,” was the answer shouted out by Shifflett’s pint-sized students. “And what do we do next,” Castillo asked. “We go to our neighbors and call 911,” the youngsters answered back. “Good,” Castillo responded. Castillo and Dottie will continue visiting all of the Sunnyside School District second graders in the coming weeks, talking about fire safety. “The biggest thing we will be doing is introducing and practicing safety exits from homes,” Castillo said. ‑ Julia Hart can be contacted at 509-837-4500, or email JHart@DailySunNews.com

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Isaias Samaniego and Elina Rodriguez demonstrate how to cover their faces before dropping to the floor and crawling out of a burning building.

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“Touch the door with the back of your hand before opening it,” said Sunnyside Fireman Tony Castillo. “If it is hot, don’t open it,” he warned.

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Firedog Dottie demonstrates the “drop and crawl” to an exit procedure for second graders attending the EDITH House safety program yesterday.

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Carolyn Shifflett’s second grade class listens while watching a video on fire safety as part of Sunnyside Fireman Tony Castillo’s EDITH House emergency program held yesterday at Washington Elementary School.

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Children practice exiting through a window as part of the EDITH House safety program held at Washington Elementary School yesterday afternoon. Here, Sunnyside Fireman Tony Castillo helps students Brizelena Villafana and Rebekah Pacheco exit EDITH House.


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