Letters to the Editor


Publisher highlights important state issue


I appreciated Publisher Roger Harnack’s Feb. 12 column highlighting Olympia’s ever-growing demands on the taxpayer.

Keep the presses rolling, Daily Sun News

I love reading the Daily Sun News here in Tucson, Ariz.

Appreciates levy support


On behalf of the Board of Education for Mabton School District, our staff and students, I would like to express appreciation for all the folks who voted for the maintenance and operations levy.

Reader questions city’s Cinco de Mayo funding


I was reading the Daily Sun News Feb. 9. story “Council approves funding requests.”

Ace Hardware move will improve downtown


As an active participant in projects to bring “Main Street” in Sunnyside back to a thriving hub of activity, I appreciate Ace Hardware and Dennis Allen for coming a few blocks closer to the downtown core.

Vote ‘yes’ for school levy


We are writing to express our support for the Sunnyside School District levy on the ballot.

Aren’t we all to blame for Rick Cole’s arrest?


I wish to express my concern about the issues involved in the handling of the Rick Cole matter and my support for Superintendent Cole.

Support Sunnyside School District levy


Over the years, our community has developed a unique partnership with our school district.

Law needed to allow impounding vehicles


The newspaper is doing the right thing by once again publishing police and court reports. It gives readers some of idea of what is going on.

Supports school levy


I am writing this letter of support for the Sunnyside School District Board of Directors Maintenance and Operation levy, which is to be voted on between now and Feb. 9, 2016.