Letters to the Editor


Florida reader calls for summer water safety


With summer here it’s time to enjoy swimming with the grandkids, but you need to be aware of two rare and silent killers called dry drowning and delayed drowning.

Newspaper should be more positive


As a subscriber of The Daily Sun, I look forward to two papers every year the most — the babies edition and the Top 5 percent graduates.

Reader: Lawmakers must curtail spending


If we’re headed for a massive economic slump, it may last for a shorter period of time if we tell our elected representatives to end deficit spending and end the money printing that goes along with it.

Interchange needs to be taken care of


What in the world is happening to the nice green park like atmosphere at the Interstate 82-Midvale Road interchange?

Pulling out of Paris agreement is wrong


It is a mistake of monumental proportions to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement.

Writer liked tortilla column


Ted Escobar has, for many years, been a well-known name in the newspaper industry.

Remember our fallen warriors

Today, the Friday before Memorial Day, is kind of the unofficial start of summer.

Smile Survey gives us important information


The Washington State Department of Health recently released Smile Survey 2015-16: The Oral Health of Washington’s Children.

Italian prays for those affected by cave-in


All affected by the cave-in of the tunnel at the PUREX facility in Hanford Site are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tom Purcell’s mothers column was uplifting


The column written by Tom Purcell, titled “Mothers are the key to all that’s good,” was so wonderfully written. It gave me all the good fuzzy feelings us moms so thoroughly enjoy.

Now, it’s Zillah’s turn to shine

Fresh off the coronation of a new royal court last night, the city of Zillah is ready for a closeup Friday and Saturday.

Presidents should release tax returns


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a law that requires all candidates for president and vice-president to release 10 years of back taxes?

Consider using refund on car maintenance


It is tax time and although you may be thinking of ways to splurge with your refund, why not consider something more practical?

Daily Sun News is an enjoyable read


I really enjoy reading The Daily Sun.

We can do so much more as a community


Last Saturday, area dairy farmers partnered with Walmart and the Sunnyside Police Department for a benefit outside the Sunnyside store to collect donations for the family of little Isabella Orozco, who tragically died in an accident in the Walmart parking lot March 18.