Letters to the Editor


Now, it’s Zillah’s turn to shine

Fresh off the coronation of a new royal court last night, the city of Zillah is ready for a closeup Friday and Saturday.

Presidents should release tax returns


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a law that requires all candidates for president and vice-president to release 10 years of back taxes?

Consider using refund on car maintenance


It is tax time and although you may be thinking of ways to splurge with your refund, why not consider something more practical?

Daily Sun News is an enjoyable read


I really enjoy reading The Daily Sun.

We can do so much more as a community


Last Saturday, area dairy farmers partnered with Walmart and the Sunnyside Police Department for a benefit outside the Sunnyside store to collect donations for the family of little Isabella Orozco, who tragically died in an accident in the Walmart parking lot March 18.

Retired educators staying active locally


The old adage, “If you can read this thank a teacher,” reminds us that educators are a valuable group in any community.

Dinner, auction sold out for first time ever


Earlier this month, St. Joseph Parish hosted its Saint Patrick’s Dinner and Auction.

What happened to constitutional rights?


A good friend of mine is a proud supporter of Planned Parenthood.

President Trump telling truth, not distracting


Is it really President Donald J. Trump’s ability to distract as was recently mentioned in a Daily Sun column by John Fannin?

Americans will pay for rebelling against God


America is uninformed about Islamic Jihad history and plan to conquer the world.

Writer supports teacher, librarian

Originally, immigrants came here legally, had to have a sponsor, had to agree to not being on any government program for five years, had to have proof of who they were and had to learn the language.

So-called ‘illegals’ shape the lower valley


I’m responding to Publisher Roger Harnack’s columns on immigration: You do not seem to realize that you are living in a community of “illegal” immigrants.

Illegals, Prosser school officials bullying staff


After much thought, I have brought myself to a new perspective on sending Prosser schools staff home with pay to “protect” them because they made their opinion on illegal immigration available for “friends” to see on Facebook.

Bond support appreciated


The Grandview School District and Grandview School Board appreciate everyone who worked on the Grandview bond.