Letters to the Editor


Community efforts making a difference


Support made a difference in two recent American Legion community drives.

Reader supports Alex Newhouse for judge


As a combat-wounded veteran, I cannot overstate the importance of action.

Is fiction imitating fact?


There’s a new movie coming out, “Transparent,” that promises to be the action thriller of the year.

Apologies for restaurant incident


On behalf of the entire El Valle Restaurant and staff, we sincerely apologize for the unfortunate incident that one of our guests experienced July 13.

Pakootas is the right choice for Congress


When Cathy McMorris Rodgers and Rep. Morton were praising Teck Cominco for their polluting the Columbia River and Lake Roosevelt, Joe Pakootas sued the Canadian firm and is responsible for a landmark decision to protect international boundaries and stopped the polluting of heavy metals into our rivers.

Councilman’s ‘Peasant’ remark raises concern


After reading a front page article in the Tuesday edition of the Daily Sun, I am curious whether the entire Sunnyside City Council refers to all people who may appear in front of them as “Peasants.”

Obama praised for veto; Republicans chastised


We applaud President Obama for his veto of a Republican bill to end the “Fiduciary Rule.”

First-ever city flag deserved news coverage


Sunnyside has its first-ever city flag. But not very much is known about it or what it looks like.

Shame on city for razing Carnation building


What is wrong with the city of Sunnyside? To demolish a historical building?

See movie about Hillary Clinton before voting


If there was ever a must-see movie prior to an election, it is “Hillary’s America.”

Angst over manure smells of red tape

During a public hearing last night in Yakima, the odor of discontent over dairy manure lagoon management filled the air.

Ethanol is more viable fuel than gasoline


I’m sorry to disagree with your Publisher Roger Harnack’s column on ethanol use in engines. Here’s why:

McKinley the voice for Democrats in House race


Doug McKinley is running for 4th Congressional District, and we want him to be on the ballot in November because of his stands on labor, the environment and immigration.

More people need to focus on Ethanol scam


Thank you for your stand on the growing ethanol scandal reflected in your commentary of July 15, 2016 in the Daily Sun.

Ethanol is a needed, viable renewable fuel


Publisher Roger Harnack’s editorial “We don’t need more ethanol” is chock full of misinformation in need of correction.