Letters to the Editor


Blame is on the American consumer


Don’t be angry with our politicians or businesses.

Writer backing Francik in 16th


Voters in the 16th District are fortunate to have the opportunity to elect Rebecca Francik as state legislator.

Federspiel offers experience


I practiced law in Sunnyside from 1976 until I retired in 2015.

Predecessors back Wyman


We should be grateful that Washington’s elections are trustworthy, accurate, and run by Secretary of State Kim Wyman.

Trump alternative looking better


Remember when the 15-plus candidates were vying for the right to represent the Republican party in this year’s presidential race?

Restore grandparents’ rights in our state


All alienated grandparents should get involved in signing and asking others to sign onto Initiative 877 — “Children Need Grandparents” — to restore the rewritten grandparents rights measure.

Credit Dr. Couturier for his service to our city


Dr. Ron Couturier has rendered service to Sunnyside for over 30 years as a private, family practice physician.

Writer opposes using ‘illegal’ description

Regarding people being called “illegal” in your Sept. 30 editorial, you are really ignorant about this topic.

‘Empty promises’ a concern for reader


Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers’ empty promises and lies, and her allegiance to Donald Trump’s racist, hate-filled misogynistic message belie her self-proclaimed image of a caring individual.

Tend to animals during emergencies


Hurricane Matthew — the Category 3 storm hitting the U.S. coast after ravaging Haiti — underlines the urgent need for emergency preparedness, which includes precautionary measures to keep your beloved pets safe when disasters strike.

Vote Geary for Yakima County commissioner


We need a Yakima County commissioner willing to stand up and defend our rights and freedoms, not limit them. That’s something Mike Leita has failed to demonstrate.

Loving Sunnyside making a difference


On a beautiful fall day, Saturday, Sept. 24, 320 volunteers cleaned up and painted five more homes in the Sunnyside community for a total of 100 homes now completed.

Reader endorses Geary for county commission


Mike Leita is running for a fourth term — 16 years — as your Yakima County commissioner. And it appears he is willing to do just about anything to ensure his re-election, including lying about his opponent, Eric Geary. Mr. Leita felt it necessary to lie about endorsements.

Corruption hurting U.S. foreign policy


Corruption on a massive scale has been bleeding the life-blood from America’s economic assistance initiatives for Afghanistan, funding which has amounted to around $114 billion since our initial military intervention there in 2001.

Parade marshal selections praised


The choice by the Miss Sunnyside Court and Terry Ziegler, as chairs of the Sunshine Days Parade, to select Deb Estrada and Brit Moore as Grand Marshals is “spot-on.”