Letters to the Editor


Urge government to require vaccinations


I understand North Korea might be planning to unleash smallpox, cholera, and anthrax in our large urban centers—possibly by the use of people disguised as janitors.

To some people, doing evil is good


God’s command to Mankind has always been, “be righteous and do good.” But the history of mankind has shown the inability of man to do just that.

Harden our power grid against EMP attacks


We should all urge Congress and the President to harden our power grid against electromagnetic pulse attacks which might cripple our computers and other important electronic equipment.

Time to put up or shut up in election

You may think that since there isn’t a presidential election this year that you don’t need to vote.

Irrigators deserve thanks for their work


Last Saturday, as I was putting my garden to bed for the winter, I looked out across this incredible valley and thought how blessed we are to live in such a place.

Write in Theresa Hancock for council


She’s not on the ballot.

Lead by acting on your conscience, not politics


As I read Sen. Jeff Flake’s Speech to the U.S. Senate on Oct. 24 announcing his decision not to seek re-election, echoes of the biblical Old Testament prophets’ warning came to mind.

Garza will get things done in Sunnyside


I truly believe that Betty Garza would be the best councilwoman that Sunnyside would have.

Educate children and cut poverty worldwide


Education support sought for new bills

Elect Betty Garza to Sunnyside City Council


I am writing this letter to encourage Sunnyside voters to elect Betty Garza to City Council to serve District No. 3.

Write in Hancock for Sunnyside City Council


I have known Theresa Hancock for many years and have found her to be honest.

Hancock is steadfast on city advocacy


We are encouraging you to write in Theresa Hancock for Sunnyside City Council District No. 1.

Steadfast advocate running for city council


We would like to remind everyone that Theresa Hancock has been a proven leader on Sunnyside City Council. She has been a steadfast advocate for the residents of Sunnyside.

Write-in candidate an accomplished leader


Sunnyside’s accomplished advocate is running for another term for City Council District No. 1.

Service to God isn’t slavery, its noteworthy


Fear of God has almost disappeared in America.