Letters to the Editor


Congressional oversight needed


In order to make the Ground-based Missile Defense System effective against attacks by North Korea or whomever, we should probably have rigorous congressional oversight (as well as any extra funding that is needed).

Repent if you want to go to heaven


America and the world continues down the path to impending destruction because of man’s failure to follow God’s word, rules and laws he set forth by which man was to live by.

Beware politicians giving away freebies


Dr. Carl Olden said, “The U.S. Senate worked behind closed doors to draft legislation that could change the future of health care in America.”

Not an act of nature


In late February and early March, a berm protecting a 187-acre dairy-owned field near Outlook failed.

Action needed on carbon emissions


Freedom, a cherished value in America, is threatened by inaction on climate change.

Scholarship effort praised by reader


Wow — $16,000 for student medical scholarships raised by Charlene Maling and all her volunteer women and men managing the Sunnyside Community Hospital gift shop, part of the hospital auxiliary’s projects of community support.

Port of Sunnyside work noticed


What a wonderful vision the Port of Sunnyside has for our city.

Florida reader calls for summer water safety


With summer here it’s time to enjoy swimming with the grandkids, but you need to be aware of two rare and silent killers called dry drowning and delayed drowning.

Newspaper should be more positive


As a subscriber of The Daily Sun, I look forward to two papers every year the most — the babies edition and the Top 5 percent graduates.

Reader: Lawmakers must curtail spending


If we’re headed for a massive economic slump, it may last for a shorter period of time if we tell our elected representatives to end deficit spending and end the money printing that goes along with it.

Interchange needs to be taken care of


What in the world is happening to the nice green park like atmosphere at the Interstate 82-Midvale Road interchange?

Pulling out of Paris agreement is wrong


It is a mistake of monumental proportions to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement.

Writer liked tortilla column


Ted Escobar has, for many years, been a well-known name in the newspaper industry.

Remember our fallen warriors

Today, the Friday before Memorial Day, is kind of the unofficial start of summer.

Smile Survey gives us important information


The Washington State Department of Health recently released Smile Survey 2015-16: The Oral Health of Washington’s Children.