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Nuts in the valley

In honor of his entirely fictional pet squirrel, Doc is calling the annual golf tournament the Chipper Invitational this year.

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Stranglehold of teachers unions is slowly weakening

America is built on the philosophy of bootstrapping, or pulling yourself up through your own talents and abilities. And no tool is better suited for doing that than a good education.

Blessed are our buddies

After reading accounts of a Great Dane from Portland, Ore. dining on nearly four dozen socks and a Blue Heeler from Leavenworth with family issues, I begin to understand why animals need to be blessed.

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It’s time for the Commander-in-Chief to lead

From a passenger airplane being shot down over Ukraine to violence spreading at an alarming rate in the Middle East, newspaper headlines in recent months have become increasingly disturbing.

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F as in fantasy

The NFL season and Seattle’s defense of its Super Bowl title kicked off last night.

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The summer of our discontent

Despite these last few months of hot and lazy days, it’s been hard not to notice a cold political wind blowing through the country.

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The taste of government control

They’re going to have to get used to it. I speak of the school students who are complaining about the taste of their government-funded school grub.

Buddy enjoys the smells of autumn

September is my favorite month out of the entire year. And, not just because it is my birthday month, although that does make the month pretty special.

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Great start to school year here in Sunnyside

School started last week with hardly a ripple in Sunnyside, except for the traffic.

Don’t take truck drivers for granted

Are you ready for long waits, bare store shelves and higher prices?

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You can feel it, yes, it’s almost here .........

It comes to us slowly and delicately, as all beautiful things should. It’s usually in the early morning.

A return to order is needed

There’s Gangnam Style, then there’s Mabton style when it comes to running a city council meeting.

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Labor Day...a historical perspective

Labor Day is just around the corner.

Primates should not be kept as pets

You may not be considering a chimpanzee or macaque as your next household pet, but shockingly others are keeping them in their homes.

Pet owners are costing us all money

Mabton has been having “doggie round-ups,” collecting dogs running loose on the streets, on week nights and weekends.