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Winter doldrums

It might have been the winter doldrums that did it. You can never be sure of these things.

Shabby ... not chic

What is attractive and what is expedient? What appeals to me may not appeal to most others.

Prohibition reflects our failure to learn from history

OK, so marijuana has been legalized in Washington state. Now what?

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The battle over women voting

There is a monthly program in the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia to educate people on the history and the process of voting. This week the subject was women’s suffrage.

Our economy depends on keeping our West Coast ports open

Listening to local families, businesses and farmers in the Mid-Columbia region, I’ve heard first-hand how the slowdown and partial shutdowns at our 29 ports along the West Coast have had a devastating economic impact on Central Washington’s economy.

A recount is justified

Whether or not Grandview School District patrons - or more accurately homeowners in that community - will fork over $300 or so may be decided by one vote.

A silent blessing

Somehow the snow is a little like Christmas. We can expect it. We can listen to the television weather and expect it. But still, when it comes it’s like a gift … a wonderful unwrapped gift, because it is the wrapping.

Beware... scammers attempting to steal our IRS tax returns

As if it weren’t already a pain to file taxes every spring, there’s a new and obnoxious twist that means people need to file their taxes as soon as possible.

Sports Illustrated’s plus-size controversy

You’ve probably heard the hullabaloo about this year’s “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit issue. The average American woman wears a size 14, but SI is just now acknowledging such “plus-size” women, allowing model Ashley Graham (size 14) into a PAID ADVERTISEMENT and Australian model Robyn Lawley (who doesn’t really think of her size 12 physique as making her plus-size) into the editorial content.

Are errors of apathy eroding your organization?

If you’re not making mistakes you’re not trying anything new. Yet in many organizations, there’s a greater penalty for errors than for inaction.

A few stories of this area’s earliest pioneers

The sources of these stories are two: a 1904 copy of the History of Klickitat, Yakima and Kittitas Counties of Washington, and a WPA sponsored publication of 1935 - “As Told By the Pioneers.”

Words worth remembering on Presidents’ Day

On Feb. 16 of this year our country will celebrate “Presidents’ Day,” almost 240 years after the beginning of the American Revolution, and 154 years since the start of the Civil War.

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Six months won’t solve Williams’ woes

Brian Williams probably isn’t a liar. Based on recent revelations, amplifications and clarifications, he appears to be a serial exaggerator.

Time races on by

Mabel Adams was out the other day, with her new walker, the one with the basket on it, and a seat for sitting when she gets tired. It’s a purple kind of walker and she likes it. It has hand brakes, too, just like a bicycle.

Parents: please, vaccinate your kids

I remember chicken pox. I remember how painfully itchy it was and how I sobbed and begged my mom to make it go away.