Guest Commentary


Bipartisan legislation invests in America’s workforce

Millions of Americans continue to struggle to find work in today’s challenging economy. Many Central Washington workforce-training centers have successfully helped unemployed workers find jobs. However, on the federal level, much improvement can be made.

Americans are losing their faith in religion

Most people lost their faith in politicians and America’s political institutions long ago. Now, they’re abandoning organized religion.

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Stinking border politics

Here’s a modest proposal for solving the “Children’s Invasion” on our southwestern borders.

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Digital cheese ... and we’re the rats

Plenty of people had good reason to be in a foul mood back in 2012.

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Retirement isn’t for sissies

Things were going kinda slow down at the Fly Tying Love Center and it bothered Marvin Pincus a lot.

Congratulations are in order, today

My niece got married last Friday.

Still recovering from the ‘Recovery Summer’

Every day I hear from hard working people in Central Washington who are struggling to support their families and put food on the table.

Gunnin’ for office

The Fourth District Congressional race has more guns than a Vegas body-building show.

The Obamification of America

Who’s that gray-haired old guy in the Oval Office?

Seeking glory

Like a doctor removing something important, Herb Collins gently peeled the wrapper back from the root ball and tenderly placed the baby tree in the hole. Then he stood and walked around it to see which way he should align it. Actually, looks pretty good just the way it is.

Buddy is grounded until summer heat wave is over

Buddy and I have been having some very serious discussions about car rides these past few 90-degree days.

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Dead solid summer

Here’s hoping your Independence Day was beyond terrific.

It’s your right to be wrong

Slim Randles

Windy Wilson was on the prowl, this beautiful Independence Day morning, searching the neighborhood for something to do for others.

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Illegal immigration has no age limit

The latest complication in the smoldering, moldering, illegal immigration issue is the swarms of mostly Central American children suddenly showing up at and crossing the U.S. southern border.

Don’t get blown away on the Fourth of July

As a nerd, I like statistics. I enjoy reading factual tidbits, including various reports released by the Washington State Patrol.