Guest Commentary


Remembering Gov. Mike Lowry

There was nothing pretentious about Mike Lowry. What you saw is what you got.

Open borders means gang violence

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been busy fulfilling his commitment to removing criminal aliens.

Time to shutter Empire Builder

Last month, a Wall Street Journal editorial hit the nail on the head recommending Amtrak focus its limited funds on shorter, heavily traveled routes between Washington, D.C., and Boston.

Women, not men, carry purses

They won’t relent until every red-blooded American male is toting one.

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Fly unfriendly skies at your own risk

The airline industry is so competitive that upon learning United Airlines dragged a paying passenger off a flight so their employees could enjoy a free ride, Delta played hide-and-seek with the body of a man on the way to his own funeral.

Make it ‘Kids Get to Work Day’

We need to rethink Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

Right to privacy shouldn’t stop at .com

So much of our lives today revolve around the internet.

No need to raise taxes for McCleary

The public outcry against Sound Transit’s unfair and excessive car tab taxes has painfully illustrated how public officials make life hard for working families when they impose high taxes.

Liberals destroying Western society

Ultra-liberal Sweden is becoming a shell of its former self because liberalism has turned this once peaceful country into a chaotic, multicultural cesspool of violence and unrest.

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Don’t talk or text, focus on road

While state lawmakers work to bridge major differences in the budget, they agreed our distractive driving laws need stiffening.

House should do its job in Olympia

“Do your job” is heard from corporate boardrooms to family farms to successful sports teams. It’s both a rallying cry and a nod to individual accountability.

Newhouse, the adult in the room

Congressman Dan Newhouse and I don’t always have the same political opinions.

Entrepreneurs key to America

American entrepreneurs’ ability to invent, create and bring products and services to market makes our nation great. Their success generates the tax revenue which fund our schools and puts people to work.

Transgender cost: childhood

I know an 8-year-old boy who likes all sorts of reptiles. There is, however, one particular stuffed snake that collects dust in the corner of the toy room.

Level playing field for manufacturers

For years, the state has imposed increasingly stringent environmental regulations on manufacturers, producers and those doing business here.