Guest Commentary


Kids need a taste of 1970s summer

Ah, summer is upon us.

A history lesson on July 4

I still remember the day in 1965 when I joined the U.S. Air Force. I raised my right hand and swore to defend the Constitution — not a president, not a king, but a piece of paper.

Canada’s gone ‘Covfefe’ on terrorism

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court rightly agreed to review lower court rulings on President Trump’s travel ban and partially stayed injunctions imposed by leftist judges, Trump should decide what to do about dual citizens from Canada after the June 21 terrorist attack in Flint, Mich., committed by a Canadian man who is also a citizen of Tunisia -- a place well known for supplying the largest number of fighters to the Islamic State.

Good news from the boatyards

We can all use a dose of good news these days and there is some flowing from our state’s boatyards.

Dreading the start of school runs in the family

My son, Teddy, his wife, Sabrina, and their three children live with us. Toby, 4, and Scarlett, 2, go to day care a lot, but they know it as school.

Politically correct summer camp

Dear Mom and Dad, It’s been less than a week since you dropped me off at summer camp. You better come get me ‘cause I’m in big trouble.

Where’s the civility in politics?

Two days before last year’s presidential election, Frank Luntz walked away from a CBS “60 Minutes” focus group, leaving people uncontrollably screaming at one another. He couldn’t stop it. Nobody could.

Feeling grateful for an old-school father

My father made me wear hand-me-downs - even though I was our family’s only boy, with five sisters.

It’s time to refocus climate debate

Debating whether it was wrong for President Trump to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord negotiations is never ending.

Vacations, ‘La Costa’ and Seattle

I’ve been doing a little writing for a blog group a niece of mine started recently. The theme for June is summer fun.

Anti-Trump may be anti-American

In 1997, Osama bin Laden said on CNN, “We declared jihad against America because America is unjust, criminal and tyrannical.”

Going back to basics for U.S. civics education

“I may have to do WHAT to receive my high school diploma?”

Connecticut’s issue a lesson for us

Recently, the Wall Street Journal editorialized that Connecticut’s elected officials are getting their “comeuppance” for years of absorbingly high taxes, failing to implement state spending constraints, and treating business as a bottomless well of cash.

Here’s why I never left Granger

People have asked over the years why I never left Granger or the Yakima Valley. I’ve asked myself the same question.

Online health care: Future is now

The world is changing a lot faster than people can comprehend. The old ways are changing.