Guest Commentary


Celebrate makers ... don’t imprison them

If a kid in a NASA t-shirt shows off his homemade clock, don’t call the police.

Teachers go above and beyond

Last month Sunnyside science teacher Joyce Stark was named the regional teacher of the year, and next Monday it will be known whether or not she’s been selected as the top educator in the state.

You drop it - you pick it up

Buddy and I were out for a stroll the other night and instead of using the litter bag I had to pick up after him, I found myself picking up after the horde of litter bugs who left their trash behind in the high school parking lot.

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Hurray...autumn’s nearly here

It’s that time of year again. Summer is finally turning into fall.

Sowing seeds in the clouds

There are a few universal truths in our lives: the sun comes up in the east, it rains in Ketchikan and you can tell what the weather’s like by eavesdropping on the senior members of the world dilemma think tank … meeting daily at the Mule Barn coffee shop since God made dirt.

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‘Going to Pot’

A lot of things can date an old movie or TV show: clothes, furniture, cars. As well as another thing: cigarettes.

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State Supreme Court ruling derails school choice

Last Friday, Sept. 4, the State Supreme Court derailed Washington’s nascent charter school movement when it ruled that charter school Initiative 1240 is unconstitutional.

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Government transparency shouldn’t destroy privacy

I’m all for transparency in government and public agencies.

Good friends are hard to forget

Billy’s been a busy guy ever since he became the official town dog here.

Working on behalf of Central Washington residents

August is when Congress adjourns during the hottest part of the summer, and it was a busy time for me last month traveling Central Washington, meeting with constituents and participating in local business and community visits.

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American workers besieged from all sides

San José Chiapa is a small municipality in southern Mexico, population about 9,000. But it could soon become Mexico’s mini-version of Detroit.

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The Bible ... and immigration

People are tempted to blur moral lines when it comes to feel-good things like immigration.

F as in free

Each year when Mom visits from Ohio we try to share experiences or sights with her that are unique to our area.

Benefits of small town living

It was Thursday again. Mabel Adams asked at the desk to be sure.

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Food stamps…an unappetizing trend

Good news: the number of Americans using food stamps in 2014 declined slightly from the previous year.