Guest Commentary


Priorities, price worth another look

In 2003, Democratic Gov. Gary Locke faced a 10 percent revenue hole in the state’s budget. He also stared at a sluggish economy reeling from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Don’t laugh at wiretapping claim

Trump said, “wiretap.”

President Donald J. Trump the new ‘Sun King’

Intentionally or not, Donald J. Trump is the new “Sun King,” not because of orange skin tone, but because of his ability to distract.

Invasive species threaten utilities

Washington’s coastline, lakes, rivers, streams and estuaries are part of what make our state so beautiful and enjoyable for outdoor and boating recreation.

Trump acts on Clean Water Rule

Usually when federal agencies review rules, they are planning to extend their reach further into our daily lives and our businesses.

Senate measure may reverse Hirst

I’ve made the drive between Sunnyside and the state Capitol too many times to count in my years representing the 15th Legislative District.

Water rights decision affects us all

There is another recent state Supreme Court ruling that has not garnered as much attention nor as many headlines as the education funding McCleary decision.

I’m an immigration ‘hardliner’

I admit that when the subject is immigration, I’m what the media loves to call a “hardliner.”

Consider carbon dividend idea

Recently, some of America’s most respected statesmen announced a different strategy to reducing carbon pollution — one which is based on incentives instead of penalties.

‘Education lab’ open once more

The first time I placed my hand on the Bible and took the oath of office as a member of the state House of Representatives was in 1995. The atmosphere was charged with the spirit of reform.

Pouting Californians want to secede

In 2017, you should never be subjected to the use of the word, “gnarly,” unless you’re describing your latest faux Chippendale woodworking project.

Media repeating false information

Major new regulations affecting most of Washington’s dairy farms were announced by the state Department of Ecology in January.

Change growth management rules

Being an elected official in the Legislature means spending much of your time dealing with the law of unintended consequences. That is, dealing with outcomes unforeseen or intended by a purposeful action.

Cumulative effect hurts business

Small businesses — and the 550,000 risk-takers who operate them — are the lifeblood of communities across Washington state.

Your gift can pay down U.S. debt - like Trump

To avoid conflicts of interest on his investments, President Trump plans to “gift” hotel profits from foreign governments’ payments to the U.S. Treasury - gifts that will go directly toward paying down U.S. debt.