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Response needed to keep America safe

The world was horrified by the cowardly terror attacks in Paris that killed numerous innocent people and left many wounded at entertainment venues and restaurants, in what many now regard as France’s “September 11th.”

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There’s much to be thankful for

“Do you realize we’ve been giving thanks for almost 400 years?”

Charlie Brown wouldn’t be the same today

Let’s face it: “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (which reaches the half-century mark on Dec. 9) was spawned in a whole different world.

Valley offers reasons to be thankful

Thanksgiving is a decidedly American holiday. We celebrate with friends and family. We feast. We watch football.

Giving thanks

Ever since I was a kid Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. It marked the first of three vacations from school and big gatherings with our extended family.

Venison at any cost

In our part of the country, fall means deer hunting. Many of us will dress up like a pile of leaves, go out into very cold weather, and sit still until we freeze to death.

Make memories this Thanksgiving

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is just a few days away. It’s a time to give thanks for all that we have here in Eastern Washington.

Anchor babies bid for U.S. presidency

Prepare for earth-shattering news - immigration has become a key issue in the race for the Republican nomination.

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Common Core

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Safe Space

ISIS is contained, President Obama?

The November 13 Paris terrorist attack was well-coordinated with suicide bombings, grenade attacks, deadly shootings and hostage taking.

Manhattan Project National Historic Park an exciting step

Washingtonians have a monumental reason to celebrate an exciting new development for the Tri-Cities community, our state and our nation: the opening of America’s newest national park.

A good Republican slugfest

A funny thing happened at the Republican primary debate in Milwaukee Tuesday night.

Living with re-GRETS

Windy found his audience out the side door of the sale barn, admiring a pen of cattle they had no intention of buying.

The war on girls’ privacy

Dear parents, when you vote next November, please remember which party wants your daughters to share their school locker rooms and showers with boys.