Win or lose, it’s how you behave

Sportsmanship — good and bad — were on display Tuesday night in Sunnyside. As the local boys soccer team wrapped up its 2-1 victory eliminating Davis High School from the postseason, threats stole the show.

Senator is wrong on wage increases

U.S. Senator Patty Murray is out of touch with reality when it comes to small business, wages and the effect jacking up salaries has on communities and housing.

Sunnyside the place to be this weekend

There’s a little bit of something for everyone this weekend in Sunnyside at the heart of the Lower Yakima Valley.

We need to protect freedom of speech

Berkeley; Coulter. Prosser; Brown.

Granger festival to offer rural fun

Very few things say Eastern Washington like cherries. And this weekend, Granger will fete the locally grown fruit with the 69th annual Cherry Festival.

Set stage important to the arts

There is something empowering about performing on a set stage. And there is something equally scary about doing the same scene on a portable stage.

Hirst, budget should be priorities

With the Legislature scheduled to adjourn Sine Die a week from Sunday, lawmakers still have two major topics to tackle — the state Supreme Court’s Hirst decision and the biennial budget.

Papers, please, if you want to attend

Congressman Dan Newhouse came under fire earlier this year for neglecting his constituency.

Chavez beliefs omitted from rally

Cesar Chavez is remembered for his efforts on behalf of farm workers. So, it makes sense the Lower Yakima Valley honors his contributions to those here who help to feed a nation.

President should veto bill

A Congressional move yesterday will essentially make your online activities available to the highest bidder — without your permission.

We did our due diligence. Did you do yours?

Commenters have a responsibility to pay attention to the details, too

A story about a former Miss Latina being arrested has caused an unwarranted social media tempest.

Interior budget cut not enough

President Donald J. Trump has proposed a 12 percent budget cut for the federal Department of the Interior.

Kudos to Inslee for watching out for us

We give Gov. Jay Inslee grief from time to time for policies and lack of leadership, but he is to be commended for his recent emergency proclamations benefitting our region.

Plan to attend a hemp hearing

Despite the long winter, you might say agriculture in Eastern Washington is starting the year off on a high note.

Faithless electors fined as deserved

The so-called “faithless electors” who chose not to support Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College will have to ante up for their willful violation of state law.