A way out for Mabton?

It’s a conundrum for the city of Mabton. No doubt about it.

Johnson should be in debate

The second presidential debate is slated for Sunday night.

Proof of citizenship should be required

Since the so-called motor voter act was approved by Congress 23 years ago, voting and drivers licenses have been inseparably linked nationwide.

Say ‘no’ to I-732 and save your money

A measure on the Nov. 8 general election ballot is getting very little attention. But voters need to understand what Initiative 732 will mean to their pocketbooks.

We endorse McLaughlin for public lands post

After years of failed state Department of Natural Resources land management policies leading up to massive wildfires, voters next month will have a clear choice when it comes to electing a new commissioner of public lands: Continue much of the failed extreme environmental practices or transition to a wise-use approach.

Kudos to Loving Sunnyside

The volunteer whirlwind that is the Loving Sunnyside Initiative hits the century mark tomorrow when it paints and touches up its 100th home.

Miloscia the choice for state auditor

For several years, Sen. Mark Miloscia has led the charge in the Legislature for government accountability.

Our pick: Bryant for governor

If there’s a way to mismanage something, Gov. Jay Inslee seems to find it.

Celebrate harvest in Sunnyside this week

Festival organizers deserve our thanks

The Miss Sunnyside Board of Directors has single-handedly revived a dying community celebration.

Assault weapons aren’t the problem

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is taking his political cue from a July 30 tragedy to once again call for a ban on military-looking firearms.

High court should relinquish McCleary authority

The state Supreme Court is dangerously close to violating the state constitution and usurping the duties of the Legislature.

Kudos on candidate forums

In this season of campaign ads and political signs that seem to line every street, candidate forums provide an opportunity to get to the heart of issues, and where candidates stand.

Council should keep it local

Important items are on the table tomorrow when the Sunnyside City Council meets for an eight-hour retreat in Zillah.

Back to school with style

School starts this week for most students in the Lower Yakima Valley.

Visit Mount Rainier next week

Fee-free days offer chance to explore

The cost to enter national parks has gotten to be too expensive for many Lower Yakima Valley residents. Even nearby Mount Rainier National Park exacts a hefty financial toll for a one-day visit.