Legacies should be downsized

Our nation’s founding forefathers believed very strongly that the king shouldn’t hold title to large tracts of land. And as our country came into being, one of our core principles was restricted government ownership.

Come celebrate the farm

It’s finally here – the weekend all of Sunnyside looks forward to all year – the annual Sunnyside Lighted Farm Implement Parade weekend.

Forget the box stores, shop local

Now that the door-busters are over at the big box stores — you know, the ones where you drive to the Tri-Cities to buy yourself a new TV for Christmas — it’s time to start thinking shopping in local mom-and-pop shops.

Holiday isn’t about shopping or phones

Everywhere you go today, you’ll notice people flipping through the newspaper and scanning the Internet for Christmas deals. Although merchandise isn’t yet available for Black Friday, the Christmas shopping season is well under way.

‘Made in America’ to open forests

For years now, extreme environmental groups have had more than their say in limiting access to publicly owned forests and other lands managed by federal agencies.

Take time to honor veterans Saturday

Schools are closed today. Banks and government offices, too.

Take time to watch athletes

Four Lower Yakima Valley high school teams will be displaying their athletic prowess this weekend in their quests for state titles.

Take time to attend budget meetings

It’s that time of year when municipal agencies are meeting regularly to determine next year’s budgets.

Marijuana sales or not – on the ballot

The general election ballot has a proposition that will make you take notice.

Send a ‘repeal’ message

Washington state government is collecting more tax revenue than at anytime in state history.

It’s not the time to inject gun politics

Shameful. In a word, that’s how we describe Gov. Jay Inslee’s politicization of the Las Vegas, Nev., mass shooting Sunday night.

One last hurrah at the fair

If you haven’t had time yet to take in the Central Washington State Fair, don’t fret — you can still enjoy the 125th anniversary of the fair this weekend.

You’re invited to party at 125th fair

The largest agriculture-related party of the year is going on, and you’re invited.

Uplifting fun set in Prosser

After a hot, dry dusty summer and weeks of smoky Lower Yakima Valley air, there’s an uplifting weekend awaiting you in Prosser.

Put male or female on birth certificate

When you are born, you either arrive with the indoor plumbing of a girl or the outdoor plumbing of a boy. And while there may be birth defects to cause a few babies to be born without either, gender is determined by your chromosomes.