We did our due diligence. Did you do yours?

Commenters have a responsibility to pay attention to the details, too

A story about a former Miss Latina being arrested has caused an unwarranted social media tempest.

Plan to attend a hemp hearing

Despite the long winter, you might say agriculture in Eastern Washington is starting the year off on a high note.

Faithless electors fined as deserved

The so-called “faithless electors” who chose not to support Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College will have to ante up for their willful violation of state law.

Just do it! Repeal Obamacare

For seven years, the Republicans in Congress have been grousing about the Affordable Care Act.

State’s hate crime bill not a good idea

Law enforcement officers have difficult jobs and are to be commended for putting themselves in harm’s way each and every day.

Education bonds will lift area

Education is important to residents of the Lower Yakima Valley. That is evident by yesterday’s clean sweep when it comes to school construction bond votes.

Courts risk lives of American citizens

When a country fails to defend it’s borders, it ceases to become a sovereign nation.

An A+ for Zillah’s school bond levy

Residents in the Zillah School District are deciding on a $14.9 million bond issue for the Feb. 14 ballot.

Let’s have a trial run for 75 mph on I-90


For the second time in two years, state lawmakers are considering raising the speed limit to 75 mph on certain sections of Interstate 90.

School bonds make sense

Ballots will appear in mailboxes throughout Grandview and Prosser this week for two school bond measures on the Feb. 14 ballot.

Just give Trump a chance

It’s inauguration day. Today, Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.

Grizzly proposal violates state law

State law is clear when it comes to grizzly bears: According to Revised Code of Washington 77.12.035, “Grizzly bears shall not be transplanted or introduced into the state.”

Time to allow ATV-use in cities

It’s winter time. And across the nation, many residents of towns similar to ours are using their snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles to get to work, the store, restaurants and other places.

Prioritize spending, don’t hike taxes

The 2017 Legislative session begins Monday, and with it comes the continued battle over K-12 education funding.

Ring in New Year safely Saturday

Find a designated driver before partying on New Years Eve

You’ve survived another year and you’re ready to celebrate.