Kiwanians appreciate all the support


The Kiwanis Club of Sunnyside would like to thank everyone who helped make this year’s Easter food drive (Fill the Wagon) a huge success.

Sun Terrace Easter event well attended


We would like to thank our generous sponsors – Fashion Corner, Commercial Tire and Dr. Stevens, DDS – as well as all the community members who came out last Friday to participate in our first ever Easter egg hunt and BBQ.

Tolerance is a two-way street

A duck walks into an Indiana bar and asks for a drink. The bartender refuses to serve him. The duck says “It’s that damn religious law, right? You have something against poultry, right? You’re such a bigot, you know?”

Political pandering over religious freedom bill

Apple CEO Tim Cook should know better than to freak out over Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). His company was also the victim of media alarmism and hyperbole.

A Windy day

Instead of the philosophy counter, we were at the righteous round table yesterday, because Herb got there first and he picked.

My escape from reality

I spent last weekend in Wonderland.

Tease photo

Easter across the ages

This is Holy Week - the week that ends with Easter Sunday. Do you wonder how we got the different traditions associated with this celebration? Why do we have bunnies, baskets, parades and eggs? How did Easter come to be the holiday we have today?

Welcome to Washissippibama

Even as Democrats in Washington state try to exorcise Indiana’s alleged demons of discrimination...others in the same party are touting how we’re more like Mississippi and Alabama.

The Democrats win in Indiana

March Madness hit Indiana hard this week.

Bidding farewell to my lifestyle

I have finally made the decision to throw the old notebook away so I can retire to a place where I won’t have to put up with people anymore.

Tease photo

Clinton campaign springs a leak

Hillary Clinton’s cruise-control candidacy is beginning to leak oil - and that’s without any meaningful challengers among Democrats, let alone a formal Republican nominee to worry about.

Valid concerns raised by Fourth District constituents

An important part of serving in Congress is responding to questions from constituents on a range of topics, from Obamacare to national security and religious persecution abroad.

1935: Furukawa presented Eagle Scout badge

A look back in time from the files of the Sunnyside Daily Sun News and Sunnyside Sun

Work party turnout great


Booker T. Washington was once quoted as saying “…those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others.”

Show & Shine record breaking


When it’s a sunny day in SUNNYside, you know it’s going to be a GREAT day! That’s how our 11th annual “Show & Shine” car show fundraiser turned out last Saturday.