Parents: please, vaccinate your kids

I remember chicken pox. I remember how painfully itchy it was and how I sobbed and begged my mom to make it go away.

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Vaccine politics: bowing at the altar of ignorance

Listening to the attacks on vaccines, I’m reminded of the closing line in The Great Gatsby: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”

Do you feel lucky?

Do you feel lucky? Well, do you?

Yakima County 150 years ago

Last month Yakima County celebrated 150 years since its boundaries were drawn and its name chosen by the Washington Territorial Legislature.

Worried about impact of pot shop approval


Thank you Cathy Kelley and Sunnyside United for placing an ad in the Daily Sun News entitled, “Marijuana - it limits performance.”

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1905: Prosser wants to divide Yakima County

A look back in time from the files of the Sunnyside Daily Sun News and Sunnyside Sun

Honor guard appreciated


A young man from Missouri, named Leon, joined the Air Force. He served with a Texan, who had a sister.

Remove South Hill Road blockade

I manage a business west of the road block (on South Hill Road), and in the past two years have witnessed a fair amount of congestion, which this blockage creates.

Allow God in schools


There are students, teachers and parents that don’t believe in God.

Leftist leader with right idea

Can you imagine a nation’s president, a former guerilla fighter with socialist leanings, enacting policies that favor business and encourage foreign investment? How about a leader who prefers living in a farmhouse rather than the presidential mansion?

Time for businesses to get rolling downtown

Now that the renovations to downtown streets are pretty much finished, I think we need some new businesses to open.

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Thinking conservatively on school choice

History has proven that few things are able to unite the social and fiscal wings of American conservatism.

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1935: Boose named Sunnyside’s justice of the peace

A look back in time from the files of the Sunnyside Daily Sun News and Sunnyside Sun

Newhouse vote shameful


Newly-elected Rep. Dan Newhouse voted for an amendment to end a program that allows undocumented young people, brought to the U.S. as children, to remain in America if they are going to school and working.

The American Sniper was no hero

Hero or coward?

Despite what some people think, hero is not a synonym for competent government-hired killer.