Constructive continuity

A couple weeks ago I bumped into John Darrington, a consultant who guided the search a few years ago that led Sunnyside to hire Don Day as its city manager.

A ‘yes’ vote for Mabton school levy

Just like those in Sunnyside, Mabton residents will soon see ballots appear in the mail for a school maintenance and operation levy on the Feb. 9 ballot.

Obama and Iran make strange bedfellows

We should be thankful the Obama administration is nearing its end.

Children need to learn to sled alone

Here’s something you don’t see in the winter much anymore: unsupervised children sledding alone.

Support Sunnyside School District levy


Over the years, our community has developed a unique partnership with our school district.

Vote 'yes' on levy for Sunnyside schools

Failure would mean higher taxes in district

The obvious choice is “yes” when it comes to the Sunnyside School District levy ballot headed to our mailboxes this week.

Tease photo

King Obama

Mastering the fourth industrial revolution

The smart car is upon us and self-driving automobiles soon will be commonplace — which will be the buzz at this week’s 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

Law needed to allow impounding vehicles


The newspaper is doing the right thing by once again publishing police and court reports. It gives readers some of idea of what is going on.

Feds’ overreach is an issue here, too

As we continue to watch the events at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge unfold, we should stop to see what’s happening right here in Eastern Washington.

Drone rules should be for more than the Capitol

Last year, Gov. Jay Inslee shot down a bill establishing laws related to the use of drones by government agencies and others over private property.

The Constitution and Ted Cruz

The question of Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be president has been simmering on the back burner for years, but this week the benign chatter erupted into front-page headlines thanks to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

Supports school levy


I am writing this letter of support for the Sunnyside School District Board of Directors Maintenance and Operation levy, which is to be voted on between now and Feb. 9, 2016.