Former Sunnyside councilman remembers a colleague

Twelve years ago, my 18-year-old daughter, Kristi, was going to drive my two other children from Sunnyside to Southern California in order to join their mother and me on an extended vacation.

Halloween scrooge: Move trunk-or-treat

I know, this is going to come off sounding like a Halloween scrooge, but it’s time for trunk-or-treat events to take place on Halloween.

Repeal Antiquities Act of 1906

As the 2016 election season winds down, the lame duck presidency of Barack Obama still has the ability to severely damage the economies of rural western states and communities.

Yu should be retained on Supreme Court


Washington State Supreme Court Justice Mary Yu deserves to be retained on our State Supreme Court.

Daily Sun endorses political hopefuls

In a race of national significance, U.S. Senate incumbent Democrat Patty Murray is facing a tough challenger in Republican Chris Vance.

Obamacare, questions and answers

Now that open enrollment is upon us and ObamaCare premiums are soaring through the roof (again), my email inbox is being flooded with questions from frustrated Americans.

Scandal brewing in state PDC

With the reopening of the Clinton email investigation dominating the airwaves, you may have missed an election scandal brewing right here in our own state.

Breaching dams won’t help whales


Washington is home to three resident pods of killer whales that spend the summer feeding in Puget Sound.

Our pick: Elect Gary Johnson for president

More than ever, this presidential election has pointed to the foibles of our nation’s two-party political system.

Keep angular parking in front of post office


I am writing in regards to changing the angle parking in front of the post office to parallel.

Clinton is responsible for war on women


We stand at a sharp turn in the road – one that will veer our country sharply to the right or even more sharply to the left.

Thank Hillary Clinton for Cold War 2.0

While President Obama was busy last week telling Hillary supporters how “dangerous” he perceives Donald Trump, real danger quietly passed through the English Channel — Russian warships made their way toward the quagmire in Syria.

Verdict marks time for change

For decades, the federal government has managed too much land in the West, supposedly on our behalf.

Time for change on state’s high court

With its insistence on interfering in the Legislature’s role, it’s time for change on the state’s Supreme Court.