Enviros quiet on raw sewage dump

As the ranking Republican on the House Environment Committee, I’ve sat through hours of testimony from environmental special interest groups.

A wee bit o’ St. Paddy’s humor

Thank goodness St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. Our country is in need of some Irish humor about now.

President Trump telling truth, not distracting


Is it really President Donald J. Trump’s ability to distract as was recently mentioned in a Daily Sun column by John Fannin?

Americans will pay for rebelling against God


America is uninformed about Islamic Jihad history and plan to conquer the world.

Priorities, price worth another look

In 2003, Democratic Gov. Gary Locke faced a 10 percent revenue hole in the state’s budget. He also stared at a sluggish economy reeling from the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Don’t laugh at wiretapping claim

Trump said, “wiretap.”

Plan to attend a hemp hearing

Despite the long winter, you might say agriculture in Eastern Washington is starting the year off on a high note.

President Donald J. Trump the new ‘Sun King’

Intentionally or not, Donald J. Trump is the new “Sun King,” not because of orange skin tone, but because of his ability to distract.

Invasive species threaten utilities

Washington’s coastline, lakes, rivers, streams and estuaries are part of what make our state so beautiful and enjoyable for outdoor and boating recreation.

Trump acts on Clean Water Rule

Usually when federal agencies review rules, they are planning to extend their reach further into our daily lives and our businesses.

Faithless electors fined as deserved

The so-called “faithless electors” who chose not to support Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College will have to ante up for their willful violation of state law.

New order will survive challenges

The fine print in President Donald J. Trump’s revised executive order does more than pause travel from Muslim-majority Middle Eastern nations.

Pay attention to standoff trials

As a strong advocate for our rural lifestyle here in Eastern Washington and the West in general, I’ve followed the Bundy standoff trials in Oregon and Nevada closely.