Feeling grateful for an old-school father

My father made me wear hand-me-downs - even though I was our family’s only boy, with five sisters.

‘Obamacare’ failing rural residents

If you doubt the failure of the so-called “Obamacare” program, look no further than Bickleton, Goldendale or White Salmon.

It’s time to refocus climate debate

Debating whether it was wrong for President Trump to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord negotiations is never ending.

Vacations, ‘La Costa’ and Seattle

I’ve been doing a little writing for a blog group a niece of mine started recently. The theme for June is summer fun.

Scholarship effort praised by reader


Wow — $16,000 for student medical scholarships raised by Charlene Maling and all her volunteer women and men managing the Sunnyside Community Hospital gift shop, part of the hospital auxiliary’s projects of community support.

Port of Sunnyside work noticed


What a wonderful vision the Port of Sunnyside has for our city.

Florida reader calls for summer water safety


With summer here it’s time to enjoy swimming with the grandkids, but you need to be aware of two rare and silent killers called dry drowning and delayed drowning.

Newspaper should be more positive


As a subscriber of The Daily Sun, I look forward to two papers every year the most — the babies edition and the Top 5 percent graduates.

Anti-Trump may be anti-American

In 1997, Osama bin Laden said on CNN, “We declared jihad against America because America is unjust, criminal and tyrannical.”

Reader: Lawmakers must curtail spending


If we’re headed for a massive economic slump, it may last for a shorter period of time if we tell our elected representatives to end deficit spending and end the money printing that goes along with it.

Interchange needs to be taken care of


What in the world is happening to the nice green park like atmosphere at the Interstate 82-Midvale Road interchange?

Change state budget process

Seems like threats of a state government shutdown are becoming the norm here in Washington state.

See you at Alder Creek

A restaurant chain used to say “when you’re here, you’re family.”

Going back to basics for U.S. civics education

“I may have to do WHAT to receive my high school diploma?”