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1964: Gov. Rosellini stumps for votes in Sunnyside

110 YEARS AGO…(1904) The Townsite Company of Sunnyside, managed by L.L. Higgins, raised 121,000 celery plants and distributed 18,000 transplants to H.M. Lichty for farming.

Worried about aging

Do dogs and cats go senile?

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Driving isn’t a right

I’ve seen some amazingly stupid driving the past few weeks.

Taking President Obama to court

Each member of Congress and the President take an oath and swear to faithfully “preserve, protect, and defend” the United States Constitution, which provides separate powers for our nation’s three equal branches of government – the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches.

On the classy side

Dud Campbell, our resident would-be novelist, was busy on his day off. Anita watched him excitedly as he removed something from the box that had arrived.

Teens not working doesn’t work for America

Here’s a trend that may not bode well for the future of our country: according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 40 percent of 16- to 19-year-olds have summer jobs - down from 75 percent of teens a generation ago.

At least do the least for your country

The same day Yakima County mailed out ballots for the Primary Election, Wednesday, July 16, a total of 47 of those ballots were returned by voters.

F as in farewell

Nearly every day I proof-read and edit at least one obituary for the Daily Sun News.

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There’s really no mystery why incumbents get re-elected

It’s no news that Congress is unpopular. In fact, at times it seems like the only real novelty on Capitol Hill would be a jump in its approval rating.

Hollywood liberals stand down for Israel

Once again Israel is being forced to defend itself from the terrorists who run Gaza.

Contemplating an insurance policy

Buddy and I received word late last week that my sister’s faithful Chihuahua, “Angel,” had been hit by a car and hadn’t survived.

Bipartisan legislation invests in America’s workforce

Millions of Americans continue to struggle to find work in today’s challenging economy. Many Central Washington workforce-training centers have successfully helped unemployed workers find jobs. However, on the federal level, much improvement can be made.

Americans are losing their faith in religion

Most people lost their faith in politicians and America’s political institutions long ago. Now, they’re abandoning organized religion.

Join the fun on July 31 at golf scramble


When is a charity party not just for charity?