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We must end taxpayer subsidies for exorbitant executive bonuses

There is an outrage in our tax code and it’s costing you money.

Reminiscing about ‘them days’

On a good, warm Saturday morning you have your choice here in our valley: yard saling or livestock saling.

1974: Investigative committee formed to study police turnover

A look back in time from the files of the Sunnyside Daily Sun News and Sunnyside Sun

Community support appreciated


Mabton Community Days and Health Fair was held last Saturday, June 21.

Another Stoner

Got a call this week from Jerry Dixon of Prosser in response to my column last Friday about a journalism mentor of mine, Jack Stoner, who passed away recently.

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Agriculture spotlight: cherries

With the start of summer, Central Washington farmers are working harder than ever to produce some of the world’s finest and most diverse agricultural products. Our region is known for producing a wide variety of top-quality, agricultural products that are enjoyed by consumers worldwide.

A service dog drop-out

My Buddy has been doing his best to find ways to become a service dog. But, I am afraid my little Yorkie pal is never ever going to make the cut.

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Greatest legislation for the greatest generation

Seventy years ago this month, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed what many historians and economists consider the greatest social legislation ever passed by the United States Congress. As popular as the GI Bill remains today, the passage of the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 was by no means a slam dunk.

Proud to be a Stoner

High school, college, taking on new responsibilities; those are times when you expect or at least hope to find a mentor.

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Common Core opposition is no joke

It’s hard to tell what’s a bigger joke: Common Core or Common Core critics.

A burning desire to create a masterpiece

Dud sat at the computer and went over the several hundred pages of his novel for three straight days.

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Are you drowning in excuses?

The American Red Cross is celebrating 100 years of swimming safety education, not by patting itself on the back, but by redoubling its efforts to make us more prepared for aquatic mishaps.

Never kiss a bird!

Was sitting in my back yard the other night and watched as a robin pulled a worm from my freshly watered grass.

Construction will be worth it in the end

It will be nice when the construction is done.