Board has opportunity to manage new leader

The Sunnyside School Board is moving on following Superintendent Rick Cole’s resignation.

Two paths, old and new

I’m not much of an outdoors type, but one of the things I enjoy doing is taking a brisk walk.

Hip, tech-savvy senator hits Olympia

I arrived at the state Capitol just before 7 a.m. Jan. 11. It was the first day of the legislative session, but I had been in Olympia almost a week.

I can no longer support Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has made me sad.

Surviving D.C.’s winter blues

Boy, it’s cold outside.

Are we just like Rome?

Back in the early ‘Aughts, when the wheels were starting to come off the economy, America’s legions were fighting not one, but two foreign wars.

Maybe age of majority should be raised to 21

There’s a strong push this legislastive session to raise the minimum age to purchase or smoke tobacco or vaping products to 21 in our state.

The white actors matter Academy Awards

“Black Lives Matter” — except in Tinseltown. The Hollywood liberals who give Academy Awards to their friends got called out for their lack of diversity this week.

Reservoir proposal merits further review

After the last two years of drought in Eastern Washington, you would think the state and federal governments would be looking for practical solutions for water storage.

Constructive continuity

A couple weeks ago I bumped into John Darrington, a consultant who guided the search a few years ago that led Sunnyside to hire Don Day as its city manager.

A ‘yes’ vote for Mabton school levy

Just like those in Sunnyside, Mabton residents will soon see ballots appear in the mail for a school maintenance and operation levy on the Feb. 9 ballot.

Obama and Iran make strange bedfellows

We should be thankful the Obama administration is nearing its end.

Children need to learn to sled alone

Here’s something you don’t see in the winter much anymore: unsupervised children sledding alone.