Tom Paul leaves lasting impact

A nice lady called Monday to tell me she was “disappointed” to see a story of the death of Tom Paul on the front page of the paper. She left her message on my voicemail.

It’s not the time to inject gun politics

Shameful. In a word, that’s how we describe Gov. Jay Inslee’s politicization of the Las Vegas, Nev., mass shooting Sunday night.

Eye-popping cost of illegal immigration

Illegal immigration costs American taxpayers $116 billion annually, according to a new report published by the Washington, D.C.-based Federation for American Immigration Reform.

I’m ready for $30 car tabs, again

I still have my Initiative 695 T-shirt.

One last hurrah at the fair

If you haven’t had time yet to take in the Central Washington State Fair, don’t fret — you can still enjoy the 125th anniversary of the fair this weekend.

Why NFL games are unwatchable

“National Football League TV ratings down 13 percent.”

Hate replacing God’s love around globe


Instead of love for fellow man, people have hate and murder in their hearts and mind.

National tax code needs to be simplified


We need tax reform. But Congress will not abolish 77,000 pages of tax code. House Resolution No. 25 has been in committee for over 20 years.

Where has Pete Carroll gone?

I wonder where Pete Carroll has gone.

They just aren’t growing up like us

According to Agence France-Presse news service, researchers have found what they call a “broad-based cultural shift” in teen behavior.

Parent, or give teachers firearms

Freeman, Marysville-Pilchuck, Foss, Frontier.

You’re invited to party at 125th fair

The largest agriculture-related party of the year is going on, and you’re invited.

20 trillion reasons to fix U.S. debt

“The federal government is how deep in debt?”

It’s not too late for junior bowlers to join


Junior League Bowling has begun, but it is not too late to join.

Lower valley’s beauty still exists

It was one beautiful Lower Yakima Valley morning Monday as I drove into Sunnyside from Granger after all the forest fire smoke we’ve had this summer.