Trump acts on Clean Water Rule

Usually when federal agencies review rules, they are planning to extend their reach further into our daily lives and our businesses.

Faithless electors fined as deserved

The so-called “faithless electors” who chose not to support Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College will have to ante up for their willful violation of state law.

New order will survive challenges

The fine print in President Donald J. Trump’s revised executive order does more than pause travel from Muslim-majority Middle Eastern nations.

Pay attention to standoff trials

As a strong advocate for our rural lifestyle here in Eastern Washington and the West in general, I’ve followed the Bundy standoff trials in Oregon and Nevada closely.

Writer supports teacher, librarian

Originally, immigrants came here legally, had to have a sponsor, had to agree to not being on any government program for five years, had to have proof of who they were and had to learn the language.

Just do it! Repeal Obamacare

For seven years, the Republicans in Congress have been grousing about the Affordable Care Act.

Senate measure may reverse Hirst

I’ve made the drive between Sunnyside and the state Capitol too many times to count in my years representing the 15th Legislative District.

Demand more of teachers

As lawmakers in Olympia figure out how to fund McCleary while avoiding the so-callled levy cliff, it’s time to hold educators to a higher standard.

51st state movement alive, well

You might think that talk of forming a new state east of the Cascades was just that, talk. But it’s not.

Upskirting bill helps to protect privacy

In this day and age when technology seems to be outpacing our laws, a Goldendale lawmaker is looking for ways to protect the public from unwanted electronic intrusion.

Bridge plan deserves another look

Remember the old saying: “Hindsight is 20-20?”

Sheriff releasing criminal aliens

Be careful what you wish for.

So-called ‘illegals’ shape the lower valley


I’m responding to Publisher Roger Harnack’s columns on immigration: You do not seem to realize that you are living in a community of “illegal” immigrants.

Illegals, Prosser school officials bullying staff


After much thought, I have brought myself to a new perspective on sending Prosser schools staff home with pay to “protect” them because they made their opinion on illegal immigration available for “friends” to see on Facebook.