All ears

“Bert looks good this morning, Doc,” Dud said, quietly. Three stools down the counter, Bert smiled and said, “Yes, I certainly do!”

Mapping the Sunnaisance?

I do a lot of walking, both for my job and as a way to help keep the weight off.

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Conservatism and hope

As we witness the fall and likely deterioration of the small Mediterranean nation of Greece, it would be wise to understand that unless America makes radical corrections, Greece’s fate will be ours.

Are we really this trashy?

Traveling our roadways, visiting our local parks and attending numerous events on a regular basis I can’t help but notice all the garbage floating here and there.

Anniversary a reminder to take proactive action on wildfire prevention

The threat posed by wildfire has been on the forefront of Washingtonians’ concerns this year for good reason, and Congress is moving forward with legislation to help prevent catastrophic wildfires.

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The consequences of short attention spans

Get this: The average human being now has a shorter attention span than a goldfish.

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1975: Altercation at Starlite leads to near riot at police station

A look back in time from the files of the Sunnyside Daily Sun News and Sunnyside Sun

Going Fourth

Windy Wilson was on the prowl, this beautiful Independence Day morning, searching the neighborhood for something to do for others. He decided to let his weekly day helping others come on the Fourth this week, because he was feeling very American.

They’re off and running

The presidential election is 16 months away, but already we’re smack in the middle of the usual media scrum of campaign coverage, prognostication, and strategizing by many of us who have nothing much to do with the real campaigns. I’ve been following the rhetoric of both parties, and there are a few points that stand out enough to tell us something about what we have to look forward to.

Planting a SIED of thanks

Street improvements in Sunnyside, Granger and Grandview supporting new businesses – and jobs – ranging from a truck stop to a blueberry packing plant to an electrical store.

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Trump’s laughing at us

Give Donald Trump this much: he knows how to play the media like a violin.

Hope you enjoyed the fireworks

On behalf of the Sunnyside Lions Club Independence Day Celebration, I want to thank the thousands of people who took time to step inside Clem Senn Field last Saturday night to view the Lions’ fireworks show up-close and personal.

Could rule changes strengthen state’s balanced budget requirement?

You wouldn’t know it from the fact that the days’ old 2015-17 budget has never been balanced and was signed into law with a $2 billion hole, but Washington has one of the strongest statutory balanced budget requirements in the country.

Don’t leave animals in cars on hot days

I don’t really need to warn people about leaving pets in cars on these very warm days, do I?

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Fully funding a strong defense not a ‘waste of time’

The responsibility “to provide for the common defense” is one of the fundamental roles of the federal government—the duty is explicitly mentioned in the preamble of the Constitution.