Reining in Operation Choke Point and restoring credit access

What do you call it when the federal government targets legitimate businesses and causes them to be shut down, not for illegal activity, but because they are deemed undesirable by the Administration?

Sanders can win presidential election

Many Democrats and others truly fed up with the state of the nation’s economic and social core are unwilling to support Bernie Sanders because they’re afraid he can’t win.

Relationships the key to health, happiness

Get this: Wealth, fame and success don’t make us happy, but strong relationships do.

Practical waterways regulations

The seemingly endless stream of Obama Administration rules to circumvent Congress and states is driving people away from finding practical solutions to problems and into courtrooms filled with highly-paid attorneys waging a “paperwork” war.

Wanted: State leaders who lead

Leadership shakeup in Olympia is good for our state, voters

Gov. Jay Inslee is pouting these days because his feelings are hurt.

Technology vs. your individual liberties

When I was first elected to Olympia to represent the 15th Legislative District, I quickly immersed myself in subjects with which I was familiar: land use regulations, the Growth Management Act, local government issues and the ever-encroaching bureaucracies of state agencies.

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Harney County begins new journey

I grew up in a ranching family in the Okanogan Highlands, where I had the good fortune to spend my childhood close to the land.

Vote ‘yes’ for school levy


We are writing to express our support for the Sunnyside School District levy on the ballot.

Aren’t we all to blame for Rick Cole’s arrest?


I wish to express my concern about the issues involved in the handling of the Rick Cole matter and my support for Superintendent Cole.

American liberties are soaked in blood, not god-given

The Iowa caucus brings out the evangelical in all Republican candidates.

Spring outing was what the soul needed

Last weekend, we were out for a drive, looking for something different to do.

Washingtonians rally for Finicum

The national media and FBI are painstakingly attempting to paint Utah rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum as a homegrown, domestic terrorist.

Police bill clarifies deadly force use

Police officers have a difficult and dangerous job serving and protecting the public. Sometimes that job involves officers firing their weapon, possibly injuring or killing the very public they protect.

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