Italian prays for those affected by cave-in


All affected by the cave-in of the tunnel at the PUREX facility in Hanford Site are in our thoughts and prayers.

Tom Purcell’s mothers column was uplifting


The column written by Tom Purcell, titled “Mothers are the key to all that’s good,” was so wonderfully written. It gave me all the good fuzzy feelings us moms so thoroughly enjoy.

Protecting privacy in internet age

The rise of cloud computing is forcing policymakers to take a long overdue look at the limits of privacy in cyberspace, just how far the U.S. government can go in invading it and what the rules should to be.

Changing with the digital era

Yesterday’s departure of our Goss Community press was a bittersweet moment for those of us in the newspaper industry.

Lose the trash this weekend

It’s time to put the winter of 2016-17 behind us and do a little deep cleaning around our Lower Yakima Valley neighborhoods.

Mothers are the key to all that’s good

I wish every child could be blessed to have a mother like mine.

BLM order shutters stacked deck

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke did rural Eastern Washington residents a big favor last week by suspending all resource advisory committees to the Bureau of Land Management nationwide.

Win or lose, it’s how you behave

Sportsmanship — good and bad — were on display Tuesday night in Sunnyside. As the local boys soccer team wrapped up its 2-1 victory eliminating Davis High School from the postseason, threats stole the show.

Trump might not be the failure you thought

Ask the New York Times and they’ll tell you President Trump has been an abject failure in his first 100 days or so. Ask Trump and he’ll tell you he’s a “yuge” success.

Remembering Gov. Mike Lowry

There was nothing pretentious about Mike Lowry. What you saw is what you got.

Now, it’s Zillah’s turn to shine

Fresh off the coronation of a new royal court last night, the city of Zillah is ready for a closeup Friday and Saturday.

Waiting for a lower valley crime update

Concerned about crime in your neighborhood? Wondering what law enforcement is doing to protect you? Have suggestions or ideas you’d like to share with police?

Open borders means gang violence

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been busy fulfilling his commitment to removing criminal aliens.

Plan to attend Preparedness Expo

There are a lot of fun activities going on this weekend across our area.

Senator is wrong on wage increases

U.S. Senator Patty Murray is out of touch with reality when it comes to small business, wages and the effect jacking up salaries has on communities and housing.