Another Confederate landmark gone

According to the Washington Post, Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., is finally going to act on its long-held desire to delete the word “Confederate” from the inscription atop the columned entrance to Confederate Memorial Hall dormitory.

State should get out of the way

Whenever government gets involved, something seems to go wrong.

Visit Mount Rainier next week

Fee-free days offer chance to explore

The cost to enter national parks has gotten to be too expensive for many Lower Yakima Valley residents. Even nearby Mount Rainier National Park exacts a hefty financial toll for a one-day visit.

There’s no such thing as free lunch

Like you, I sift through an awful lot of junk email each morning, but every once in a while there’s a piece of very important business tucked among the pitches for foreign cruises and erectile dysfunction medication.

Community efforts making a difference


Support made a difference in two recent American Legion community drives.

Reader supports Alex Newhouse for judge


As a combat-wounded veteran, I cannot overstate the importance of action.

Tease photo

Olympics no longer appeal to us

Fewer Americans are watching the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro than they did prior Games. I offer a solution.

Prosser’s Pokemon hunt good for the city

Pokemon Go is popping up all over. There are critters to catch in cemeteries, on street corners and even government buildings.

Foreigners taking Americans’ jobs

Wall Street gushed when the Bureau of Labor Statistics announced the July economy created 255,000 new jobs.

I’m still a local believer

With a few exceptions, we try to buy local when we can.

Rodeo, meteors collide tonight

For the last nine years, the second week of August has meant two things for me — rodeo and meteors.

Columbia River treaty is a priority

Federal officials seem to think the Columbia River treaty with Canada isn’t important enough for renegotiations to begin.

Awakening to the 2016 election

“Where am I?” asked the man from his hospital bed.

Is fiction imitating fact?


There’s a new movie coming out, “Transparent,” that promises to be the action thriller of the year.

Apologies for restaurant incident


On behalf of the entire El Valle Restaurant and staff, we sincerely apologize for the unfortunate incident that one of our guests experienced July 13.