Black lies matter, President Obama

It takes a special kind of president to travel to Dallas, ostensibly to speak at a memorial service for five assassinated police officers, and instead deliver a Black Lives Matter convention speech.

Support Pomraning for District No. 16 post


Throughout history, man has tried to better himself through hard work.

Kearby right man for District No. 15 position


This letter is to endorse David Kearby, for 15th District state representative.

We don’t need more ethanol

Motorists in Washington state are paying more for fuel than their peers in 45 other states.

Steve and Steven get nod for land post

With state Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark of Okanogan bowing out of the election process this year, you’ll find a myriad of wannabe replacements.

Nostalgic for the drive-in theater

Here’s something I miss more each summer: the drive-in movie theater.

Our longest war just got longer

The longest war in U.S. history just got even longer.

Resident objects to parking change


I want to object to the ridiculous idea of parallel parking in front of the Post Office.

Writer supports Alzheimer’s research


For the past seven years, I have been the full time caregiver for my wife suffering from Alzheimer’s in the Tri-Cities.

Our Top 2 picks for Congress

Voters will have five choices for the Fourth Congressional District seat on primary ballots that go out this week.

Tease photo

Any questions?

Feds grading on the Clinton Curve

I didn’t intend to run the red light. I didn’t intend to run you over in a crosswalk. I didn’t intend to get you pregnant.

Here’s your open-door, business community

You know what they say about one door closing… another one opens.

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FBI blinks in email investigation

FBI Director James Comey’s news conference on the conclusion of the Hillary Clinton investigation reminded me of another staged media event in a hostile environment almost 50 years ago.