Corporate sponsorship of national parks?

Whether I was a preschooler hiking in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a young adult spelunking in Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave or a father introducing his son to Shiloh National Military Park, I always believed I could enjoy America’s treasures without too much intrusion from Madison Avenue.

We should resist Obama’s edict

Today, President Obama’s administration is threatening our school districts — and every other district across the country — with legal action if they don’t obey his new edict on restroom use.

Relay for Life boosts morale, helps locals

In the past, a cancer diagnosis was considered a death sentence.

‘Angry Birds,’ the local reality show

The “Angry Birds” app-turned-movie opens soon as a feature-length film.

Put an end to sanctuary cities

To explain the unexplainable, a saying caught on generations ago: “It must be the water.”

Audit not enough to restore faith in EPA

It’s good to see at least one federal agency reviewing its own inappropriate actions.

‘Frozen’ character shouldn’t be lesbian

Like most Catholic-schooled girls who grew up in the 1970s, I learned about sex by reading several dog-eared Jacqueline Susann novels.

Awakening of undercover boss

One of the highest rated television programs during Super Bowl Week last February was “Undercover Boss”.

Cinco fete should have more in English

Cinco de Mayo brought thousands of people to downtown Sunnyside this past weekend.

Would Hillary open ‘X-Files’ to public?

According to a May 11 United Press International story, Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton promised a radio interviewer that, if elected, she would release government records related to Area 51.

Handmade cigars going up in smoke

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has got me smoking mad.

Help us save John Wayne trail

I am from Tekoa — population 843. We are your neighbors to the east.