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Veterans Day, marked by numbers

“I had no idea that many men and women have served our country in our armed forces.”

Urge government to require vaccinations


I understand North Korea might be planning to unleash smallpox, cholera, and anthrax in our large urban centers—possibly by the use of people disguised as janitors.

Election consequences will hurt

A key election win for westside Democrats will likely have dramatic consequences for Eastern Washington — and most likely, not for the better.

Take time to honor veterans Saturday

Schools are closed today. Banks and government offices, too.

Do we really need diversity visas?

Nothing can compensate for the eight New York murders Uzbek national Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov perpetrated or the pain and suffering the victims’ families will forever endure. But one positive shift has occurred.

To some people, doing evil is good


God’s command to Mankind has always been, “be righteous and do good.” But the history of mankind has shown the inability of man to do just that.

Latest reason for driving vacations

For years, my brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins have said “Really?” when I’ve said I’m driving to a vacation destination.

Take time to watch athletes

Four Lower Yakima Valley high school teams will be displaying their athletic prowess this weekend in their quests for state titles.

Harden our power grid against EMP attacks


We should all urge Congress and the President to harden our power grid against electromagnetic pulse attacks which might cripple our computers and other important electronic equipment.

Political correctness root of attack

Political correctness strikes again.

Court files prompt questions

For the last several days, I’ve been trying to track down something intentionally being overlooked in the shootout between Washington State Patrol trooper Nate Dawson and three defendants.

Time to put up or shut up in election

You may think that since there isn’t a presidential election this year that you don’t need to vote.

Why don’t hospitals give estimates?

If your goal was to design a system that guaranteed high prices, encouraged waste and discouraged price shopping there is no need to start from scratch. Just adopt the U.S. health insurance market and you’re good to go.

Irrigators deserve thanks for their work


Last Saturday, as I was putting my garden to bed for the winter, I looked out across this incredible valley and thought how blessed we are to live in such a place.

Write in Theresa Hancock for council


She’s not on the ballot.