Why don’t hospitals give estimates?

If your goal was to design a system that guaranteed high prices, encouraged waste and discouraged price shopping there is no need to start from scratch. Just adopt the U.S. health insurance market and you’re good to go.

Irrigators deserve thanks for their work


Last Saturday, as I was putting my garden to bed for the winter, I looked out across this incredible valley and thought how blessed we are to live in such a place.

Write in Theresa Hancock for council


She’s not on the ballot.

Lead by acting on your conscience, not politics


As I read Sen. Jeff Flake’s Speech to the U.S. Senate on Oct. 24 announcing his decision not to seek re-election, echoes of the biblical Old Testament prophets’ warning came to mind.

Non-English speakers affect U.S.

For 22 years, beginning in 1986 and ending in 2008, I taught in the California public school system. My subject was English as a second language, and my students were adults.

Maybe the Clintons’ luck will run out

Excuse me, but didn’t I write this column already?

Garza will get things done in Sunnyside


I truly believe that Betty Garza would be the best councilwoman that Sunnyside would have.

Educate children and cut poverty worldwide


Education support sought for new bills

Elect Betty Garza to Sunnyside City Council


I am writing this letter to encourage Sunnyside voters to elect Betty Garza to City Council to serve District No. 3.

Parks becoming playground for rich

The National Park Service was established in 1916 to set aside ecological and historical sites for protection and public enjoyment.

Inappropriate Halloween costumes

“Now that everything has become politicized, it only makes sense that Halloween costumes should be politicized, too.”

Write in Hancock for Sunnyside City Council


I have known Theresa Hancock for many years and have found her to be honest.

Hancock is steadfast on city advocacy


We are encouraging you to write in Theresa Hancock for Sunnyside City Council District No. 1.

Retain Matson as port commissioner


I am writing asking you to vote to retain Jeff Matson as a Port of Sunnyside commissioner.

For 5 years, I didn’t lose my keys

I was in Ellensburg five years ago doing an interview about a winery. When I came back to my car, I reached into my pocket, and there were no keys.