Guinness beer caught in Brexit politics

When the Economist Magazine reported the price of a Guinness pint could increase because of Brexit, it grabbed readers’ attention.

Age gaps lead to differing views

Larry Southern, whom a lot of you know from his radio days with Frank Aleck at KREW in Sunnyside, took up the offer in my column last week.

Senate right to withhold capital approval

While city folk and governmental bureaucrats are whining about our state’s capital budget being held hostage until a Hirst decision fix is in place, we think the state Senate is doing the right thing.

Cultural chamber alive and well here

As a community member, local businessowner, and Sunnyside Cultural Chamber of Commerce volunteer, I would like to take this opportunity to correct the impression given by Mayor Jim Restucci in a recent article in The Daily Sun suggesting there currently is no chamber in Sunnyside.

Tease photo

Get ready for near-total eclipse

Shortly after 9 a.m. Aug. 21, the sky will start to turn black. Within 90 minutes, the sun will very nearly disappear completely, leaving almost total darkness.

Bill is a small win against GMA rules

Two counties won a hard-fought, albeit minor, victory in Gov. Jay Inslee’s signing Senate Bill 5517 into law this past week.

Trump’s speech was his best yet

Donald Trump’s address in Warsaw on July 6 was his best as president.

Congressional oversight needed


In order to make the Ground-based Missile Defense System effective against attacks by North Korea or whomever, we should probably have rigorous congressional oversight (as well as any extra funding that is needed).

Repent if you want to go to heaven


America and the world continues down the path to impending destruction because of man’s failure to follow God’s word, rules and laws he set forth by which man was to live by.

Beware politicians giving away freebies


Dr. Carl Olden said, “The U.S. Senate worked behind closed doors to draft legislation that could change the future of health care in America.”

Court strikes blow for religious liberty

Normally, the most notable part of a Supreme Court decision is not the dissent.

Not an act of nature


In late February and early March, a berm protecting a 187-acre dairy-owned field near Outlook failed.

Why did Democrats oppose Kate’s Law?

Only in Washington, D.C. will you find politicians so wrapped up in themselves, their party, crazed ideology, or something — that they will not come together to pass legislation for the sake and safety of the American people.

Old-fashioned 4th of July fun

Another Sunnyside Independence Day is now on the books, and all that remains is to congratulate those who work all year to made the day fun for the community they serve.