Police and Fire


Thief takes energy drink

A store owner in the 200 block of Avenue F declined to press charges against a person who stole an energy drink last night, but the thief was warned by police to not return to the store.

Tires slashed on Sixth Street

Police are investigating two reports of slashed tires.

Officers seek suspect in illegal dumping

Police are investigating an illegal dump site located in the 200 block of Second Avenue discovered last Friday.

Gunshot reports lead to arrests

Several officers responded this past Saturday night to the area near Grandridge and Nicka roads after reports of gunshots in the area. Officers contacted several men in the area who police say have known gang ties.

Home being remodeled hit by burglar

A man in the 700 block of Maple Grove Road contacted deputies early this past Saturday morning about a possible intruder in his home.

Firemen have a busy weekend

Firemen responded to two separate reports of brush fires along I-82 during the past weekend, both of which were discovered to be unfounded.

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Children face charges after vandalism

Two seventh grade boys were arrested last Friday morning after they allegedly vandalized a bathroom at Sierra Vista Middle School.

Driver cited in minor accident

A driver of a car rear-ended a vehicle stopping for a school bus yesterday afternoon near the intersection of Albro and Van Belle roads.

Car stolen from mechanic’s shop

Police are investigating a vehicle theft reported in the 1200 block of Yakima Valley Highway, the home of Tony’s Tune-Up Services.

Grandview man arrested after 25-mile chase

A Grandview man was arrested after leading law enforcement down I-82 in a 25-mile chase yesterday.

Deputies unable to find cow

Yakima County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a black cow in the roadway near the intersection of Yakima Valley Highway and North Outlook Road Tuesday night, but were unable to locate a problem.

Cops wrangle loose cow

Police were busy rounding up a cow belonging to someone leasing property owned by City Councilman Francisco Guerrero this morning.

Bicyclist hurt in collision with car

A bicyclist was hit by a motor vehicle this morning just before 6 a.m. near the intersection of West Forsell and North Euclid roads. The cyclist escaped with minor injuries, according to Grandview police.

Grandview man arrested after 25-mile chase

Pick-up truck driver in ski mask leads police, troopers and deputies on 25-mile chase down I-82.

Stolen car involved in collision

A vehicle stolen from the 1200 block of South 15th Street yesterday was involved in a hit and run collision in Grandview.