Police and Fire


Outlook man hurt in one-vehicle rollover accident near Prosser

In what Washington State Patrol troopers report was a case of negligent driving, a 21-year-old Outlook man sustained injuries late yesterday afternoon.

Additional prison time ordered for hit-and-run conviction

Yakima County Superior Court Judge Richard Bartheld last week resentenced Jose Peralta Martinez to 31 months in prison for his role in the Dec. 20, 2011 hit-and-run killing of Nicholas Marez of Sunnyside.

Pursuit by Sunnyside cops stopped due to public safety concerns

Police in Sunnyside were involved in the pursuit of a vehicle that last four miles and all of five minutes last Friday.

Woman dancing in roadway arrested by Grandview police

Police in Grandview arrested an intoxicated female last night (Sunday) near the intersection of West Fifth Street and Concord Avenue.

County deputies kept busy since last Friday

Yakima County Sheriff deputies are investigating a car prowl reported this past Saturday from the 1400 block of Appleway Road near Grandview.

Active weekend for firefighters

A controlled burn and welfare check were among the 18 calls for service the Sunnyside Fire Department fielded this past weekend.

Shoplifter taken into custody

A man accused of shoplifting at Walmart in Sunnyside yesterday (Thursday) was taken into police custody.

Middle school evacuated due to broken AC

Grandview Middle School had an unexpected fire drill yesterday (Thursday) when an exterior air conditioner unit overheated and caused smoke to enter the building through a vent.

Calls keep deputies busy

Yakima County Sheriff deputies responded to 10 calls in the Lower Valley yesterday (Thursday), including two reports of traffic accidents, an automatic alarm and a report of illegal dumping.

Police locate missing car

On Thursday a vehicle reported to the Mabton police as having been stolen from the 500 block of Fifth Street was later recovered in a different location in the parking lot.

S’side firemen have a busy day

Sunnyside firemen responded to eight aid calls and provided six patient transfers during the past 24 hours.

Mabton police seek leads in recent thefts

MABTON – Mabton police are currently seeking information regarding two thefts reported during the past few days.

Quiet day in Grandview

GRANDVIEW – Yesterday was quiet for Grandview police, who responded to two automatic alarms, fielded an informational call and handled two animal problems.

Trailer stolen

Yakima County Sheriff deputies are looking for a utility trailer reported stolen from the 2300 block of Allen Road near Sunnyside yesterday morning (Wednesday).

Alarms result in no fires

An automatic fire alarm in the 1500 block of East Lincoln Avenue called out Sunnyside firemen early this morning, Thursday. Upon the firefighters’ arrival, no fire was found.