Police and Fire


Sleepy motorist injured in rollover on freeway

A Sunnyside motorist believed to have fallen asleep at the wheel sustained injuries early last Saturday morning.

Mabton police field few calls last weekend

Mabton police officers had a relatively quiet weekend, having made just two routine traffic stops and responding to one report of an automatic business alarm in the 600 block of Glade Road since last Friday.

Deputies respond to myriad of calls

Yakima County Sheriff’s deputies had a full weekend investigating animal complaints in the Lower Yakima Valley.

Four injured in three-vehicle crash near Grandview last night

Two Sunnyside residents, as well as two people from Grandview were hospitalized last night following a three-vehicle crash on Yakima Valley Highway.

Not a clean getaway for shoplifters

A couple of shoplifters at the Walmart store in Sunnyside thought they were going to escape notice after reportedly stealing a drill set yesterday (Thursday).