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Bullies not allowed


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Rules rule meeting

Sunnyside’s city council rules of procedure are being reviewed to address protocols that have not been followed in recent years.

Aggressive pitbull killed by Sunnyside police

Police in Sunnyside had to kill a pitbull that reportedly attacked other animals and was acting aggressively toward people this past Tuesday.

Grandview cops help police in Toppenish

GRANDVIEW – Police in Grandview participated in serving an arrest warrant in Toppenish yesterday (Wednesday). A male was taken into custody by police, who also noted they found what appear to be illegal drugs at the man’s home.

Deputies can’t locate source of gunshots

Yakima County Sheriff deputies were unable to locate the source of gunshots reportedly heard in the 1700 block of Hornby Road near Grandview Tuesday night at about 10 p.m.

Mabton police kept busy

MABTON – Suspicious activities and noise complaints have topped the list of calls to the Mabton police since last Friday.

Nearly dozen aid calls here

Sunnyside firemen have responded to 11 aid calls since this past Tuesday. They have also provided seven patient transports and conducted three facility transfers.

Sunnyside farmer appears headed to D.C.

Newhouse sitting on more than 52 percent of the votes

While not all the votes have been counted in the Fourth District Congressional race, Sunnyside-area farmer Dan Newhouse has claimed an early, if narrow lead over his challenger, Clint Didier of Eltopia.

Resounding NO cast for Sunnyside athletic levy

Voters in Sunnyside are resoundingly rejecting a six-year, $6.9 million levy put forward by the school district to upgrade athletic facilities.

Yakima Valley health, emergency officials say they’re prepared if Ebola response is needed

Emergency responders and health officials in the Yakima Valley are reporting they will be ready to respond in the unlikely event that a case of Ebola is discovered in the area.

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Roadside survey pays motorists as much as $60

A roadside survey that pays up to $60 to those who stop to complete it, which takes about 15 minutes, will be taking place in Yakima County later this week.

Winter elected county’s newest top cop

Brian Winter is leading the Yakima County Sheriff’s race handily.

Incumbent fends off write-in challenge for Yakima County commissioner seat

Rand Elliott woke up this morning ready to tackle the same issues facing the Yakima County commissioners that he faced Tuesday as an incumbent candidate seeking re-election.

Reduced class size measure failing

The measure to reduce class sizes and increase staffing support in schools was soundly defeated by Yakima County voters, a trend that held true across the state, although not to the same degree.

Ross, Riddle winners last night

Voters in Yakima County decided who will serve them in the auditor’s and clerk’s offices, as well as several other county positions.