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Bound for Russia (again)

After spending one winter in Russia, Sunnyside’s Hannah Vlieger is on her way back to the country known for its sub-zero temperatures, and borscht.

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Tri-chamber social

The quarterly tri-chamber social for the Sunnyside, Grandview and Prosser chambers of commerce was held last night, Thursday, at the Sunnyside Museum.

Big surprise in a big package

You know the saying, good things come in little packages. The other day we received a big surprise in a big package.

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Mayan history lessons

Dressed in traditional Mayan Indian costume, Samuel Becerra demonstrates how to create a clay flute in the shape of a bird.

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Still growing

“I just followed the directions on the seed package,” said Sunnyside’s Teresa Rhynard.

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Not much support shown for suggested pay raise

MABTON – The people of Mabton have spoken, and they are not wild about the idea of giving their mayor a four-fold salary increase.

City’s public works department seeks to increase staffing by three positions

The Sunnyside Public Works Department wants to add three new employees to its payroll in 2015.

Two Sunnyside women hurt in rear end collision in Mabton

MABTON – Two Sunnyside women, passengers in a Honda sedan that was rear-ended yesterday afternoon, were injured and required hospitalization.

Day takes heat on payroll issue

“The buck stops with you...the public won’t stand for it and I don’t believe your council will either.”

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Miss Sunnyside Court shares list of activities with Rotarians

As the end of their reign nears, the Miss Sunnyside Court is looking forward to packing away their tiaras and princess sashes.

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Derby contestant

He didn’t win, but sure was cute.

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Place your bets

Sunnyside Lions Club blackjack dealer Sam Ortega (R) keeps the action moving last Friday night.

Noisy neighbors

Sunnyside church has been target of 28 complaints since first of this year

At what point do police consider a citizen’s complaints against someone else a nuisance or harassment?

Health festival this Thursday open to all Sunnyside residents

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services will host the “Festival in the Parking Lot” this coming Thursday in Sunnyside.

Port district one step closer to selling land

Though it didn’t accept any purchases of the nearly 500 acres it’s attempting to sell, the Port of Sunnyside is closer to getting there.