Rep. McCabe named to committee post

At the onset of the 2018 legislative session Monday, State Rep. Gina McCabe assumed a new role as the lead Republican on the House Labor and Workplace Standards Committee.

Stripping man busted for stealing truck

A local man stripping on Alexander Road was arrested Saturday for allegedly stealing a truck.

Wapato man reports to jail

A Wapato man was booked into the Sunnyside city jail on Friday to fulfill a court commitment.

Drivers didn’t have licenses

Two men were arrested last week for third-degree driving while license suspended in unrelated traffic stops.

Alien faces extradition

An illegal alien was arrested in the city and appeared before a Yakima County Superior Court judge last Friday.

Thefts lead to arrests

Three local women were arrested Thursday on petty theft allegations, with one of them also facing a drug-related charge.

Man in court for ID theft

A local man appeared in Yakima County Superior Court on Friday to face charges of first-degree possession of stolen property, first-degree identity theft and felony violation of a protection order-domestic violence.

Two-year-old homicide trial postponed to August

May 2015 Sunnyside case continued

The trial of an Outlook man set to stand trial for the shooting death of Oscar Raul Gutierrez-Mendoza of Roosevelt was postponed during a pre-trial hearing Friday. The trial was set to begin today, but is now set for Aug. 13.

No license, impaired

Raul Lopez Hernandez, 22, of 6441 VanBelle Road, Sunnyside, was arrested late Wednesday for driving under the influence.

New stage 1 burn ban

The Yakima Regional Clean Aire Agency issued a new stage 1 burn ban yesterday that will remain in effect until further notice.

Three arrests yesterday

Police here had a relatively calm day, arresting three persons non-violent infractions.

$1 million to reduce smog

The Environmental Protection Agency is providing two Portland-area organizations with more than $1 million to reduce diesel emissions from trucks and construction equipment in the Portland metro region.

Gas to go up in 2018

For the second straight year, the yearly national average gas prices will rise 19 cents over last year to $2.57 per gallon per gallon.

Utility to pass on savings

Changes to the tax code, passed into law on Dec. 22, will lower federal taxes on corporations.

Bus route change after mishap

A minor mishap yesterday morning for a Prosser school bus has led to a temporary routed change. The bus slipped off the road because of surface conditions. Prosser Superintendent Deanna Flores said the bus made it up a steep hill at the intersection of Ward Gap and Byron Roads.