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Sunnyside man among finalists for top Okanogan post

A local man, named as a finalist for the Okanogan School District superintendent post, is excited about the opportunity to head north. Joseph “Joey” Castilleja, 37, is one of three finalists to replace the retiring Richard Johnson in Okanogan.

Farming couple named parade marshals

He is a third-generation farmer, working the land his father settled at the end of East Alexander Road in the 1930s.

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Turkey time

Van de Graafs are ahead of the curve

So you got a jump on Thanksgiving with a turkey from the boss or the store last week. The Willie Van de Graaf family has you beat by months.

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Second Harvest gives away meals

Three events planned to feed indigent

Quail Lane, near the Northwest West Farm Credit offices, was lined with cars from Allen Road to Best Western Monday morning as people gathered for the promise of a free turkey.

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Harnack wins Fourth Estate Award

The Daily Sun publisher has been named the 2017 recipient of the Fourth Estate Award. During the annual Veterans Day Brunch, the Fred E. Hayes Post 57 of The American Legion presented the Fourth Estate Award to Roger Harnack, 50, of Sunnyside. Harnack has also previously served as the bureau chief of Stars and Stripes.

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Man takes final ride in his trophy-winning lowrider

Family, friends lend a hand

For weeks, his outside travel has been limited daily visits to the Mt. Adams DaVita Dialysis Center and home.

Color artists win fame and prizes

Hundreds of color sheets flooded the City community center last week pronouncing the end of a two-weeks “Welcome back to School” coloring contest, hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department.

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One family, five generations

They see the resemblance

Wesley Leon Fultz decided to bring his parents home earlier this year, and that gave way to a reunion at which they were able to photograph five generations of the same family.

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Miss Sunnyside Candidate | Gina Lopez

Street safety is a huge deal for a Miss Sunnyside candidate who once was hit by a car.

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Miss Sunnyside Candidate | Andrea Limon

Miss Sunnyside candidate Andrea Limon admits she struggled with math.

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Miss Sunnyside Candidate | Samantha Galindo

Samantha Galindo believes her run at becoming Miss Sunnyside will make a difference in her life.

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Miss Sunnyside Candidate | Trinity Hamil

A desire to be more involved in her Community prompted Trinity Hamil, 16, to vie for the Miss Sunnyside crown. That, and knowledge there is a sizable scholarship attached to the title.

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Child battles leukemia at the age of 19 months

Former Tex-Mex artist and family fighting

All parents know the thrill of watching a child take his or her first steps.

Miss Sunnyside Candidate | Janessa Frank

Being a high school sprinter and a cheerleader takes up a lot of this Miss Sunnyside candidate’s time.

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Miss Sunnyside Candidate | Jessica Estrada

Jessica Estrada describes herself as shy, but she is pushing herself to break loose and become more outgoing this summer.