Understanding the responsibilities of an executor

An old family friend recently asked me to be the executor of his will when he dies.

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Best of show

Is it OK to cry at work?

Traditional wisdom has told us that emotions don’t belong at work. This idea isn’t just wrong; it’s insane.

County sets policy for meals with meetings

County commissioners have set a standard in place establishing when meals will be provided during meetings.

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Life Options continuing efforts to serve Lower Valley

Life Options is on the grow – as in big time.

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Rockin’ Gospel music

The Christian music group, Redimido, “rocked” so hard they broke a guitar string during the final Tuesday Tunes Concert Series event held at Sunnyside’s Centennial Square last night, Tuesday.

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Giving cancer the cold shoulder

Radiation, chemotherapy and invasive surgery are all common options for dealing with cancerous tumors.

Breastfeeding-friendly hospitals help create ‘Healthiest Next Generation’

Breastfeeding can give babies a healthy start in life.

Healthy tips for students heading off to college

College is a time for students to learn to be responsible for themselves, whether it’s waking up on time, studying or even deciding what to eat.

Death with Dignity participation rises slightly

It has been six years since Washington’s Death with Dignity Act went into effect, and since that time 725 adults with a terminal illness have chosen to end their lives with a physician-prescribed lethal dose of medication.

Heart health – know your numbers

Doctors at Baylor College of Medicine suggest people take control of their heart health, and the first step is knowing your numbers and how they can contribute to heart attacks and stroke.

Too much sun isn’t bright idea

When it comes to protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, it’s best to consider your SPFs.

Interactive chart gives clues on weight changes

Parents now have a visual tool to help them keep their child’s weight gain on track.

Surgery may permanently fix sweaty palms

A procedure may offer a permanent solution to an often sticky problem – sweaty palms.