Service to God isn’t slavery, its noteworthy


Fear of God has almost disappeared in America.

Time is the new god to many. Fiction has displaced reality in the name of science. We hear a meteorologist say, “We are scientists, we know.” Or we see a bearded prospector on TV, look at his find and say, “This is so and so million years old.”

Then, there were the two scientists who claimed they discovered the “the first fossil,” an object which they claimed is about 300 miles long in the center of the Earth. Just the enormity of covering that fossil is laughable.

Yet, today, they are still out looking for the oldest fossil to see how long life has being around.

They do not believe God and His word.

Study God’s word, the Holy Bible, and hear his word. Service to God is not slavery, but a noble undertaking.

Manuel Ybarra Jr., Coalgate, Okla.


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