Man arrested after threatening girlfriend

— A local man made his first appearance in Yakima County Superior Court yesterday after his Nov. 22 arrest on harassment charges.

David Walle-Lopez, 62, allegedly threatened his live-in girlfriend at about 9:30 p.m., Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Chad Peterschick said.

“David Walle-Lopez threatened to cut his girlfriend’s (Maribel Gonzalez Benitez) stomach and let her guts hit the floor,” he said in court documents.

According to Peterschick’s narrative, Wall-Lopez and Benitez were quarreling at their mutual residence at 41 Lamb Road.

During the argument, Walle-Lopez allegedly threatened to cut his girlfriend, Peterschick said.Then he allegedly discharged a 9mm pistol inside the residence, firing at least two rounds through the kitchen window.

The incident was witnessed by Benitez’s daughter, Esmerald Borocio Gonzalez, court records show, noting Walle-Lopez would not give a reason for discharging the firearm.

Peterschick arrested Walle-Lopez for harassment, records show.


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