Two semi-trucks go up in flames


A 1998 semi-truck, owned by Atlantic & Pacific Freightways, is fully engulfed in flames Sunday afternoon at The Outpost in Sunnyside. The blaze destroyed that rig, as well as a refrigered semi-truck that was parked next to it.

An electrical malfunction is believed to be the cause of a fire that destroyed two semi-trucks in Sunnyside this past Sunday afternoon.

The two rigs were parked at The Outpost, 1825 Waneta Rd., which regularly accommodates truckers during their long distance hauls. Both semi-trucks were unoccupied when the blaze broke out at about 1 p.m. on Sunday.

The fire ignited from the inside of a 1998 Volvo tractor truck, owned by Atlantic & Pacific Freightways of Vancouver. Sunnyside Police Officer Darin Scott said the cause is believed to be of an electrical nature. The blaze quickly spread to a 2005 Central Refrigerated Services-owned semi-truck parked next to the Freightways truck. Both vehicles, said Scott, were a total loss.

Scott said no one was hurt, and that local firefighters quickly extinquished the blaze once they arrived on scene.

The semi-truck cab that caught fire was hooked to a flatbed loaded with rebar and other metals. It is unknown what the contents were in the nearby refrigerated semi-truck that also burned.

Officially, according to Scott, the cause of the fire is listed as unknown at this time, and it is not believed to be a case of arson.


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